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Free Fable Friday

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Teenage girl seeks older man to love and dominate her.

A recently divorced computer tech meets an eighteen year old girl as she begins her first job. Surprisingly she asks him out on a date. And then… Let’s just say, they hit it off.

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Dreams of a shoe salesman — June 7, 2020

My goodness, these fit oh so good!


The appearance of these delicate toes put me in mind of a scene from my book, Disciplined Date. Susan has selected Sam from the fetish dating service, and is on her first foot fetish date.


Finally, I got up the nerve to confess. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never actually done this before. I don’t really know what to do.”

He chuckled. “Ah, a virgin. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” We both chuckled. He was gentle as he unbuckled my sandal straps and slipped them off. He massaged the soles of my feet for a minute with his thumbs, and my pussy leapt awake. She quickly wanted to know if we could change the answer about our expectation for sexual intercourse. Ignoring my wet pussy, I remained silent. He softly wrapped my feet, each in its own warm moist towel.

Kneeling on the floor, he continued to massage my feet through the moist towels. After a couple of minutes he removed the towel from my left foot and again massaged its sole with his thumbs. I rolled my head back in ecstasy when his fingers caressed each tiny toe individually. My clit again announced her request and I consoled her with assurances that there would be a second date. I would change my answer on the questionnaire: sexual intercourse would be a nine next time.


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Toe Tickling Thursday — April 9, 2020

So, should we rescue her, or…

Join in on the fun?

This puts me in mind of an adventure Paige Turner had in The Girl In The Riv. The undercover spy has been captured by the terrorist. They are not seeking to tickle her toes, but rather to…


He walked around the chair and stopped in front of me. The heart-shaped branding iron had cooled some and was no longer glowing red. He put it back on the red-hot stove burner.

“Let me take a brief break here, and tell you that I truly do not enjoy this,” Mr. Fishhook said. “I, most assuredly, do not enjoy hurting women. However, if you don’t quickly tell me what I want to know then… there is one among us that does enjoy this exact sort of thing.” My money was on Mr. Heterochromia. “The length of time we spend here, and the pain you endure, is completely within your control.”

The man on my left, perhaps Mr. Heterochromia, leaned close and softly said, “Imagine how painful it will be pressed into the arch of your foot.” His finger traced a circle in the center of my left foot. It might have tickled had it not been so terrifying. He stabbed his fingernail into the center of the circle and went, “Hiss,” in my ear.

A cold shiver ran down my spine.

“You know what it is that we want to know. Speak now,” Mr. Fishhook said.

The man in front of me picked the heart-shaped branding iron back up. It was again glowing bright red. He slowly walked around behind me.

Please… he, Mr. Jones, gave me a package to give to some Iranians. I don’t know what was in the package, but it was a small plastic pill… or rather it was small, but a big plastic pill.”

“What are you rambling about?” one of the men asked.

“Uh, the package was very small. It was a pill, a rather big pill. He made me swallow it. I was supposed to meet the Iranians Friday afternoon and give it to them.”

A cold hand closed around the toes of my left foot. He pulled my toes backward to stretch the foot’s arch.

“What else do you want to know… JUST ASK!” I felt the heat from the iron, a mere inch from my foot. “I don’t know who they are. I was supposed to get into cab number 3617 in front of the Riviera at 1:30 Friday afternoon. Oh, please, please, PLEASE GOD IN HEAVEN DON’T DO IT!”

“God in Heaven? I thought you didn’t believe in God,” Mr. Fishhook said.

The man holding the branding iron paused, with the searing hot iron a fraction of an inch from the bottom of my left foot.

“Agnostic, I said I didn’t care, but right now I’m reconsidering that position.”


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Two 4 Tuesday — March 31, 2020

Are you enjoying the self-isolation?

I am, but it does depend on who is quarantined with you.


The image of these delectable two is too strong; I cannot leave so quickly. Indeed, I know what to do. Allow me to relive a scene from Undercover With Betty. While attending a spanking party, poor Amanda is about to learn something about herself:


The second shoe sold in a similar fashion.

It was then time for her socks to go. The left one sold for another fifty dollars, and a young man near Amanda’s age stepped to the stage. Betty again steadied Amanda’s hand as she balanced on her right foot. The man lightly pinched her toes with his thumb on the top of her foot, and his fingers stretched along the bottom. She reflexively curled her toes into his palm. While he touched nothing more than her foot, the invading sensations sent electric sparks along her flesh. Her vagina clenched, and she prayed the wetness pooling in her panties would not show. With his other hand, the man rolled the sock down her ankle and over the heel. With his hand gripping her bare heel, he released her toes. His fingers caressed the sole of her foot as he slid the sock the remaining distance to free it.

Amanda’s pussy tingled. Holy Shit! I have a foot fetish, she thought to herself.

Fortunately for Amanda’s sensibility, the second sock sold with less flourish. Standing on the stage barefoot, she felt as though she was already on display in the nude. Her attention was focused on her excited pussy.


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Disciplined Date

Disciplined Date is a spanking mystery story that takes off when a woman is found murdered in a motel. I won’t risk exposing a spoiler by saying more.

In this excerpt, Nikki has been captured by the mobster Lenny. She has not been obedient, and he intends to …


“Yes, you are sorry. I don’t like my employees lying to me. I’ll have to do something about that. Also, I will need to make an example of you. I can’t have any of the other girls thinking that they can simply walk away from their contracts.”

“Sir, I—”

“I think a naughty liar should get a spanking on her little bare bottom.” Lenny said the last three words slowly and distinctly.

What? The hell you will!”

“You’re already in trouble. Get snarky with me and I will use my belt.” He stood up and pulled his belt loose from his trousers; he folded it and carried it around the desk. Standing over me, he continued, “You know, your action earned you this punishment. You deserve a spanking.” My eyes followed as he slowly passed the belt from one hand to the other. His eyes, somehow comforting, looked down on me and he waited.

“Yes,” Nikki said.

“Yes – what?”

“Yes, I deserve a spanking for lying to you.”


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