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In all the worlds of the universe, there is nothing stronger than love.

The Passion Quest series is a collection of adventures that explores the human experience from a fresh point of view. We probe this concept:

What if aliens altered the course of human existence? 

Consider this idea from the perspective of Alien Anthropologist Dr. Amy Toller. She is on a quest to discover the truth about Earth. Along the trek, she has varied experiences that reflect moments in human history. Moments when our destiny was diverted.

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Love and the Western Star

Drop your drawers and raise your hands!

This is book 3 of the Passion Quest series. The peace of Pleasant Valley has been shattered. The feud between the Tewksbury and Graham families has escalated from a sheep versus cattle dispute to a war over access to the only water in the valley.

When the town schoolmarm, Hope Tewksbury, initiates a parent teacher conference with the Graham family, sparks {and paddles} fly…


Hope’s mouth went dry. Perhaps she should have listened to Wil.

“Look, I’m sorry to have bothered you. I’ll just be on my way now.” She descended the steps and made for the buggy.

Melvin intercepted. Grabbing her arm, he led her back up the steps and pulled her into the parlor. “Fetch me the spankin’ chair,” he told June.

Hope’s eyes opened wide. She struggled to get loose, but the man’s grip was like iron.

“Please, sir, I’ve done nothing wrong.”

He slapped the side of her face. “Hush.”

Hope recoiled, and tried to take a step back, but the man held her too firmly.

June brought the chair. Before Hope knew what had happened, Melvin sat and pulled her over his lap. He secured her with a hand to her back.

“Lift her skirts, June.”

Hope kicked and screamed, “No!”

Melvin brought his hand down with a thundering crash upon her bottom. “Don’t fight me, girl. You don’t want the worst of me.”

June lifted Hope’s skirts, and her husband clutched them to the middle of Hope’s back.

“The schoolteacher needs a lesson in manners. Ya don’t go where yer not wanted. I’ll teach you, Hope Tewksbury, what it means to trespass on my land.”

In a lascivious gesture, Melvin patted the soft mounds of Hope’s derriere before raising his arm and bringing it down with a resounding splat.

Hope yelped. She was mortified, and hoped her former students were not a witness to this travesty.

His hard palm alternated between the twin cheeks of her thinly-clad behind. Then, Melvin asked June to bring him the paddle.

“Please, let me go!”

The sound of the paddle swats reverberated through the room. Hope’s bottom prickled and throbbed like she had been stung by a nest of angry hornets. She could not hold back her screams.


The peace of Pleasant Valley has been shattered. The feud between the Tewksbury and Graham families has escalated from a sheep versus cattle dispute to a war over access to the only water in the valley – the Wide Muddy River. Hope Tewksbury and Joseph Graham have found love, and now they must find peace.

Dr. Amy Toller is an alien anthropologist studying the fourth planet orbiting the star Chi. She is searching the Galaxy for clues to humanity’s past, and the mythical planet called Earth. She and her fellow scientists infiltrate Pleasant Valley, which mimics the American West of the 1880’s. Their goal is to discover what these distant cousins know of humanity’s birthplace. But first, they must end the bloodshed.

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Saturday Spanking — July 20, 2019

Is the summer heat driving you indoors, or perhaps you are headed for the beach. Either way, let’s have some fun with my Victorian characters as they study the Kama Sutra.

This excerpt is from Arsenic and the Socialite:

During her visits, he had her read from the Kama Sutra. Bill instructed her read about the fine points of embracing, kissing, and other types of touching, to heighten sexual arousal in both the man and the woman. This increased tension and arousal before the actual penetration amplified the intensity of their climaxes. On one such visit, he had her read about spanking. This was not for pain and punishment, but for stimulation before love making. “There is no keener means of increasing passion,” she read silently from the book.

Bill demonstrated the sensual spanking by taking her over his knee. Spreading her thighs, he pressed his knee against her mons. His lightly stinging swats on her bare bottom pulsated through her, and her cunny bounced against the hardness of his leg. She found that the ancient book was correct. When he later used his fingers to bring her to climax, it was one of the most powerful and satisfying orgasms she had ever experienced.

However, he did not use the sensual spanking as a prelude to penetrating her.


Arsenic and the Socialite is set in 1857 Scotland where a man has been murdered — poisoned. This story introduces my new series: Lady Strangways Affairs. The investigation uncovers that the man had a wife, a fiancé, and a lover.  Who poisoned him?

Rich in history, you will delve between the sheets of the Victorian era. Loaded with sexy intrigue, I’m sure you will enjoy this adventure. Maybe you will learn some new techniques from the Kama Sutra, too.

Available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers

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Masturbation Monday — July 15, 2019

Don’t forget to feed your soul a stimulating morsel today!

It is probably not a coincidence that to day is the 15th and we are plotting to invade Area 51. Just think abut it.

And then, consider this teaser from Prairie Passions:


Jackson crawled into the warm blanket. He watched the glow from the fire’s dying embers illuminate Rose’s face with a pink hue.

He had never seen her sleep before; she was amazingly beautiful, so relaxed and peaceful. With visions of her delicate bare bottom, her smooth skin turning pink under his hand, and her kiss upon his lips, he imagined what other secrets she held. He wished he were with her underneath that blanket.

It seems that I do love her.

He admired her soft, parted lips as she breathed in her sleep. He remembered how she had returned his kiss that night on the Shoshone River, and how the stars had reflected in her green eyes, and how soft her curly, dark brown hair had been. He relived the sensation of her sensuous, firm breasts in his hands. He had been surprised that she had not recoiled from his touch. His cock stiffened and strained to be released from his trousers as his mind replayed the way her nipples had stood ready for him. He had wanted his lips to follow his fingers and kiss those inviting nubs. He had wanted to take her back to her tent and lie with her.

Watching her tender, innocent face, he imagined pushing up her nightdress as she lay on her back. Lying atop her, he would have kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her chin, and finally, he would have melted his lips with hers. She would have opened her legs and he would have slipped inside. He imagined her warm wetness urging him deeper. He imagined her tight core around his…

Aahhh…” He opened his eyes and hoped that he had not really groaned out loud. He looked one more time at her sleeping face and drifted off to sleep, with fond dreams of her sure to follow…


In Prairie Passions, Rose is grown and searching for a husband. Needless to say, her adventures lead to trouble from time to time. And, now you know what happens to girls ignore caution. They land across… Well, you get the idea.


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To Rescue a Slave Girl

Going up is easy. Getting back down – not so simple.

In Rescuing Diana, Miss Well’s adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making Diana into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning. Secretly following her brother – Herbert – and Captain Bates, Diana makes the mistake of boarding her uncle’s Moon Car. Diana’s Uncle George is a professor studying the lost Egyptian science of anti-gravity and levitation. He is planning a trip to the moon. Unknown to the others, Diana stows away and inadvertently joins the voyage. When the get to Mars, Diana is captured, and then…


Toward the end of the second week, Furna delayed Diana as the slave girls were preparing to collect the evening supply of food. “Diana; that is such a strange name. What does it mean?”

She knew that she was named for an ancient Roman goddess, but she could not imagine how to express this to Furna. “It means one who is beautiful and swift—a huntress.”

“Hmm,” Furna mused as she ran her finger along the edge of Diana’s slave collar. “But this is not the first time you have been a slave, is it?”


“I have noticed that you take well to the position. You know how to behave with your betters and follow instructions.”

“Ja, I have been so trained,” Diana admitted.

“However, I sense this is not what you were born to.”

“Nein, I have spent most of my life as a free woman.”

“And, so you shall again—soon.” Furna removed the chain attached to Diana’s collar. The end of the chain had never been fastened to anything to confine her. It served only as a constant reminder of her slave status as she carried it around. “But this stays for now.” Furna hooked her finger in the collar and gave it a light tug. “Karjir will free you when it pleases him.”

While still a slave, Diana was glad to have the chain removed. Without it, she could run much faster when John and Herbert came to rescue her.

“Soon the southern army will be returning,” Furna continued. “They will bring many new slave girls to fill the Alpha’s harem. The older girls here now will be released. Since the Alphas take such great care to ensure that their girls are well trained—trained in both the art of obedience and that of gathering food and maintaining a household—these girls are the most sought after in Kur. The families of Kur will be paying tribute to the Alphas to gain one of these girls for their Beta sons.”

Diana understood that Furna was defining her fate. She was to be married to a Beta—and soon. She swallowed and counted the days of her captivity.

How long do John and Herbert have until something… irreversible happens to me?

“Karjir will find you a fine husband. You will be happy.” Furna expressed a rare smile and left Diana with her thoughts.


Rescuing Diana is a romantic science fiction story. Set in July, 1840, the story offers exciting discoveries and an alternate meaning to ancient mythology; including a different outlook on the inspiration behind the famous Venus in the half shell painting. The book is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Blushing Books



Arsenic and the Socialite

Can love lead to murder?

Lady Theodora Strangways has been called to Scotland to answer just this question. Following the death of a Frenchman in Glasgow, she and Inspector John Digby are searching for clues among the man’s belongings. They find…


“I was thinking that suicide is a possibility. If there is arsenic in the room, it will cast a different light on things. I mean, he had a fiancée and a lover. He may have been looking for a way out.” Lady Strangways winked at John and chuckled.

“Indeed.” John snorted a laugh. “A man might seek refuge in death should the women learn about each other.”

Rifling through the bed coverings, Theodora discovered another letter.

“Where did you find that?” John asked.

“It was inside the casing for the pillow.” Theodora removed the paper from the envelope; it was from the same stationary set as the previous letter and written in the same hand. “My dearest husband,” she began reading to John, but then she stopped to silently scan the letter’s contents.

The letter was clearly written by a wife to her husband living apart. It was full of how she longed to be with him and pined with each passing day that she could not kiss him.

“Oh, my Lord,” Theodora exclaimed. “Listen to this!” She cleared her throat, and resumed reading aloud, “I am reclining in my bed, recalling how we parted on our last meeting. Pulling up my nightdress, my fingers are yearning to traipse into the folds where your fingers wandered. Inflamed as I was on that day, I welcomed your advance and resolved to give you more of myself. I was ever so delighted when you knelt between my knees. I recall the deepest blue of the sky and stimulating scents of the garden flowers. Even now, my belly still quivers as I remember the trepidations at being discovered. In the broad daylight, as my father frolicked by the sea not a hundred yards from our secluded grove, you took me for the first time.”

Theodora’s knees buckled, and she sat on the bed. She could easily understand how a woman would have such thoughts and feelings, but she could not imagine a woman would ever take pen and paper, and put these notions in writing.

“My fingers are now deep in that secret place where only you have explored. Oh, Beloved Husband, how I remember that day you first showed me the joys of being a woman. I wish only to have the firmness of your manhood once again inside me.”

Flushed, Theodora could not continue reading aloud. Silently, she finished reading the letter and handed it to John. It was signed: Mimi L’Angelier.


Arsenic and the Socialite is rich with the history of the Victorian Age, Lady Strangways and her lover, Scotland Yard Inspector John Digby, search for the answers. The story is an erotic / spanking / romantic / murder mystery. The book is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers



Alien Invasion?

Walt and Beth are deep into each other when it happens…

Sitting in the car on the Red Rock Mesa overlook, with Walt’s fingers stroking her jane, Beth felt the car shudder, in a manner not having anything to do with an orgasm. She opened her eyes.

“What was that?” Walt asked, a bit too loudly.

“I don’t know.” She looked up, and added, “Some kind of airplane.”

He extracted her hand from his trousers and jumped out of the car. While pulling the zipper up and fastening his belt, he stared at the black object passing overhead. It made no sound and showed no lights. They could only see it as a black hole moving across the universe of stars.

“No,” Walt gasped. “It’s a spaceship. An alien spaceship.”

“You mean, like from Kratos?”

“Yes,” he said. “That’s exactly it.”

Beth scrambled to pull her panties up and fasten her bra.

It took only a minute for the dark craft to pass overhead and descend, following the slope of the mesa, to the flat desert below. As it approached the horizon, they could see its silhouette as it passed between them and the city lights. Then, it was too close to the ground to see at all.


Love and the Spaceman is a Sci-Fi / erotic / romance / adventure with a nod toward the way things were in the 1950’s. The book is available in ebook and paperback from Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers

Who holds the key to humanity’s survival?