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Masturbation Monday — August 19, 2019

Now that school is back in session…

Moms everywhere are exploring new options.


Consider some Steampunk Adventure

Our self exploring heroine for the week is getting ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. Little does she know, as her fingers seek out her Venus, that she will soon be immersed in the planet of pleasure. This excerpt is from Rescuing Diana


BotticelliSmallThat night, Diana’s mind raced with excitement. Sir Thorsby had been persuaded to agree to his sister’s plan. Herbert and John were indeed accompanying them to London. Diana could not find sleep as visions of London danced in her head. She had not been to the great city for two years. With the memory of John’s kiss on her mind, she used her fingers to caress her lady parts. Recalling the twitch of his cock against her belly pushed her over the edge. The fullness of pleasure finally allowed her to relax into slumber.




RescuingDianaCoverThis Victorian Science Fiction story is reminiscent of those written by my idol, H. G. Wells. See if you can spot his cameo appearance. The book is available from:

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Masturbation Monday — August 12, 2019

Happy Masturbation Monday! Now, drop your pants and…

…start burning those calories!

This week’s exploration into self satisfaction comes when Miss Adelaide simply cannot get enough. In The Pimlico Affair, Miss Adelaide is accused of murdering her fiancé. This story is Book Four of the Lady Detective Series and Lady Rowan gets her first opportunity to investigate a murder.

In this snippet, Edwin, the aforementioned fiancé, is being taught how to properly discipline his future wife.


“Excellent. Now, you will surely be punishing your wife on her bare bottom, but we have adhered to necessary social modesty with this demonstration. However, we should take a moment to examine the effect of the spanking.” Before she realized his intention, he opened her drawers. He exposed her bare bottom and Edwin leaned close to observe. Adelaide clenched her cheeks tightly together to conceal what she could of her womanly secrets. “As you can see I have given her a bright pink exposure without any bruises.” She felt his fingers press and release the tension of her sore flesh. “This should be your goal. You should be very careful if you should consider that a more severe punishment is required.” He tied her drawers back together. “Now, I believe that you should give it a try.”

032-porn006With Mr. Dyson’s encouragement, Adelaide rose from her position and bent over Edwin’s lap. The entire process was repeated. If either of them had been aware of her two climaxes, they presented no sign of it.

“Very well, Miss Adelaide, you have behaved excellently this evening. You may now retire to your room,” the Reverend said, dismissing her following Edwin’s spanking of her now very sore bottom.

Wiping genuine tears from her eyes, she picked up her clothes from the floor and painfully walked to her room. Although she had already had two orgasms, she pulled her nightdress to her waist as she stroked her clit. She listened to the continuing conversation between the two men, though she could not discern their words. After the crescendo of pleasure waves crashed through her body for the third time, she relaxed and drifted off to sleep.


As so many of my stories are, this one is based on real events in Victorian England. Purchase this book from:

PimlicoCoverBlushing Books


Barnes and Noble

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Masturbation Monday — July 29, 2019

Lloyd Thomas produces newsreels which are shown before the main feature at the movies. While covering the tests at the Atomic Station, he meets a woman working for the local newspaper. He will learn too late his new lover is a Spacewoman from the Wilhelm.

A kinky Spacewoman, from the planet Eden, demonstrates some of their higher technology…


“It’s called a pleasure device.” Leona noted a look of alarm on Lloyd’s face as she lowered the rod into the water. “Don’t worry, it’s waterproof.”

“What does it do?”

Leona opened her legs as far as the bathtub would allow. “You slide it inside, like this.” She inserted the rod into her pussy. “Then, the little gizmo takes over.” She closed her eyes. “I don’t know how it functions, but it has some kind of sensor inside it. Notice how it was cold to the touch when you picked it up?”

Lloyd nodded.

She drew a deep breath and sighed. “Well, it expands to fit, just like your man tool does. It also emits a heated lubricant, just like your man tool does.” She moaned.

Lloyd spoke with a gleam in his eye. “That’s one kinky tool.”

“Yeah, it’s the next best thing, you know, when a girl doesn’t have a man around.” She winked.

Lloyd exhaled the breath he was holding. “And, you carry this device around with you?”

Leona winked. “At all times.” She closed her eyes and mewled with delight.

Lloyd watched, dumfounded, as the tool did its work. He admired her beautiful face as her desire spiraled higher.

With a ragged breath, Leona gasped, “I don’t know how it does it, but it has some kind of built-in sensor to make it start jiggling at just the right moment.”

Lloyd’s eyebrows shot up. “You mean, it vibrates?”

Oh, Yessss.”


Love and the Spaceman is exclusive with Amazon US, Amazon UK, FREE with Kindle Unlimited


Masturbation Monday — July 22, 2019

I hope everyone is having a happy masturbation Monday.

Now, let’s play hide the cucumber!


This reminds me of the adventures found in Love Under the Western Star. When visiting an alien planet, the women of the Starship Wilhelm need to de-stress…


When Dr. Amy Toller had handed out the undercover assignments, Shandre had drawn the worst of the lot. Her talent of interstellar navigation would not be needed while the Wilhelm was in orbit. Not being an alien anthropologist, she felt her assignment had been an afterthought.

The men had the painted ladies in the Red Velvet Saloon. Dr. Toller had positioned herself as David Bailsa’s wife, and Talleah Tau was shacked up with Zeke Tewksbury. But, Shandre was left with not so much as a battery-powered device to relieve her tensions.

She did as she always did. She reached under the covers, pulled up the hem of her nightdress, and slipped her fingers inside her hot, moist womanly folds.

With her tension relaxed, Shandre washed, dressed, and went downstairs to the dining room for breakfast.


Dr. Amy Toller is an alien anthropologist studying the fourth planet orbiting the star Chi. She is searching the Galaxy for clues to humanity’s past, and the mythical planet called Earth. She and her fellow scientists infiltrate Pleasant Valley, which mimics the American West of the 1880’s. Their goal is to discover what these distant cousins know of humanity’s birthplace. But first, they must end the bloodshed.

Love Under the Western Star is available for Kindle and Paperback from Amazon

Masturbation Monday — July 15, 2019

Don’t forget to feed your soul a stimulating morsel today!

It is probably not a coincidence that to day is the 15th and we are plotting to invade Area 51. Just think abut it.

And then, consider this teaser from Prairie Passions:


Jackson crawled into the warm blanket. He watched the glow from the fire’s dying embers illuminate Rose’s face with a pink hue.

He had never seen her sleep before; she was amazingly beautiful, so relaxed and peaceful. With visions of her delicate bare bottom, her smooth skin turning pink under his hand, and her kiss upon his lips, he imagined what other secrets she held. He wished he were with her underneath that blanket.

It seems that I do love her.

He admired her soft, parted lips as she breathed in her sleep. He remembered how she had returned his kiss that night on the Shoshone River, and how the stars had reflected in her green eyes, and how soft her curly, dark brown hair had been. He relived the sensation of her sensuous, firm breasts in his hands. He had been surprised that she had not recoiled from his touch. His cock stiffened and strained to be released from his trousers as his mind replayed the way her nipples had stood ready for him. He had wanted his lips to follow his fingers and kiss those inviting nubs. He had wanted to take her back to her tent and lie with her.

Watching her tender, innocent face, he imagined pushing up her nightdress as she lay on her back. Lying atop her, he would have kissed her forehead, her eyes, her nose, her chin, and finally, he would have melted his lips with hers. She would have opened her legs and he would have slipped inside. He imagined her warm wetness urging him deeper. He imagined her tight core around his…

Aahhh…” He opened his eyes and hoped that he had not really groaned out loud. He looked one more time at her sleeping face and drifted off to sleep, with fond dreams of her sure to follow…


In Prairie Passions, Rose is grown and searching for a husband. Needless to say, her adventures lead to trouble from time to time. And, now you know what happens to girls ignore caution. They land across… Well, you get the idea.


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