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Saturday Spanking — April 25, 2020

This week Diana is about to learn her first lesson in how to be a slave girl. This is only her first adventure in Rescuing Diana. In this Victorian steampunk science fiction tale—ala H. G. Wells era— you can enjoy her spanking adventures as she travels to Venus and Mars.


When Diana awoke, she discovered that she was no longer between her soft cotton sheets. Rather, she was lying on a hard wooden bench.

“Ah, you are awake.” The voice was thick. Its owner spoke slowly, as though English was not his first language.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“That is not for me to say. I am Mustafa, your instructor.”

Diana became aware that she was still dressed in only her nightdress. Pulling her knees into her chest, she was grateful for the concealing darkness. “Instructor?”

14449911_181004082336988_7049071810022843442_n“Yes. I will instruct you on the proper behavior of a concubine slave.”

What?” She attempted to stand again.

In the darkness, she only barely perceived the motion of the man as his hands gripped hers. In a flash, the mountain-sized man had her wrists pinned together as he bound her hands with a short length of leather strap. He then sat on the bench and pulled her down across his lap. He began to spank her with furious strokes. Diana kicked, but his powerful hand held her down. She screamed for someone to help her; but no one came. She was forced to endure a long, painful walloping. He finally stopped.

“That was your first lesson. Do you know what it was?”


This Victorian Steampunk book can found at:

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Saturday Spanking — April 18, 2020

Is it Saturday already?

That must mean it’s time for a spanking.

Ah, this puts me in mind of one of the spanking party scenes from Undercover With Betty:


Taking on my big sister role, I soothed her. “Don’t worry.” I gave her a reassuring hug. “No one is going to hurt you. All this stuff looks bad, but everyone uses it just for fun. We all play make-believe. You’ll get spanked—a lot of spankings—and they will have some sting to them, but it is all for fun, not pain. Look, I’ll watch out for you. If you are truly uncomfortable with what is happening, anytime during the party, just give me a nod and a wink and I will come rescue you.”

She squeezed out an anxious smile, and said, “Thank you, Betty.”

Taking off her dress, I helped Collette put on the overly conservative costume bra and panties. I couldn’t help but admire her firm breasts and silky smooth, bare kitty. Once her dress was back on, I resumed her instructions.

“You will be spanked with various implements.” I pointed to the rack of paddles and other implements of punishment. “And in various stages of undress, all the way to nude. Everyone will watch and cheer.” I paused for a shudder to pass through her. “Just do what you are told, and it will all be fun, and over quickly.” I sat her down on the leather couch. “Wait here. Daddy will come to join you in a little bit.”

I headed off in search of wine and Terence.

Terence had arrived early as well. He stood with Daddy, enjoying a pre-party drink. He greeted me with a hug, where he learned I was not wearing a bra, and then a warm kiss. He felt good.

“Betty, I’m so happy this has worked out,” he said.

I smiled, thinking that maybe this would work out.

Collette was surprisingly vivacious during her initiation. She put on a great show for the crowd. She appeared to be having the time of her life as she was stripped and spanked by the club members. As the party progressed, I coaxed her into joining the gauntlet game.

In this game the women had their hands tied to the inside of their legs, just below the knees. This forced them into a squatting position and hobbled their ability to run. Then they were herded through the gauntlet: two rows of men who hand-spanked their bottoms as the women passed. The women tried to get through as quickly as possible, and the men at the beginning of the line tried to run around to extend the end of the line ahead of the women. If the men were faster than the women, the gauntlet never ended. As the women were hobbled in their bound position, this was almost always the case. The gauntlet run continued until the woman eventually gave up and collapsed. At this point, their partner came along and provided a few final swats before releasing her hands.

Collette, with her youthful athletic body, managed to escape the gauntlet and win. Her only reward was to be released by Daddy without the customary loser swats. I, however, did not escape and eventually collapsed to my knees. As my hands were still bound to my knees, my bottom was pointed straight up to receive its swats from Terence.


Undercover With Betty is murder mystery. Betty, a governess by day and a spanking party hostess by night, haplessly falls into the crack between murdering mobsters and the police. Both sides think she is working for them. But, who really has her loyalty?

Available from Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Read the first chapter by clicking here.

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Saturday Spanking — April 11, 2020

Love on a Forbidden Planet from the Passions Quest series

Amy grew to enjoy always being nude…


Amy Toller is responsible for determining which alien species are intelligent and which aren’t. It’s her job to travel to different planets and observe the aliens from afar.

Halfway through the mission, the captain orders Amy down to the surface of the planet Corvus-3 to complete an assessment of the natives, and to decide whether they can mine the planet for lanthanum, which Amy’s people desperately need to survive. Unfortunately, the savage her shuttle crashes and she is at the mercy of the natives.


Where did they come from?

These two males were younger copies of the first. She screamed again and squirmed, trying to wiggle from their grasp. But they lifted her off the ground. Her feet peddled air as she struggled.

The first man stepped closer. His tangled mane of hair and full beard framed his face as he studied

Amy. She stopped fighting, and the two males set her back down on her feet.

She locked eyes with the first man. It was difficult to judge the age of primitive people, they generally had short lifespans. From the crow’s feet wrinkles beside his eyes, she judged him to be at least thirty. This could be deep into middle age for the alien. He did not blink as he studied her.

The older male reached out and touched her shoulder, stroking it. She glanced away from his face to watch his fingers pinch the jumpsuit fabric. She had left the setting to appear as animal fur. He was trying to stroke her fur, and was mesmerized with the smooth texture that his eyes told him should not be there.

His hand went to her face, her neck. His rough fingers gently caressed her smooth skin. He fingered the collar separating her real skin from the image of fur. He pulled, and the jumpsuit seam opened. Surprised, he stepped back. Startled, the other two males loosened their hold on her arms, and Amy pulled free. Turning, she attempted to run up the hillside. However, she managed only two steps before a hand grabbed her ankle and pulled her down.

“Ugh,” she grunted as the wind was knocked out of her.

Face down on the ground, a powerful hand held her. Sucking in a breath, Amy screamed as another hand lifted the jumpsuit’s back panel and touched her bare butt.

The three men tugged at the fabric and reached under it to touch her skin. Hands squeezed her exposed globes, and fingers invaded the private space between her thighs. As she kicked and screamed, the seams were opened, and the jumpsuit was pulled down off her shoulders. They turned her over. Lying on her back, she clenched her jaw as they pulled the front seam open. One man held her left arm and leg while another held her right, spreading her. The first, older man touched her breast. Her nipples stiffened as he held them; he lightly pinched them. His hand moved lower. With her legs pulled open, she was helpless as his fingers explored under the fabric. He touched her lady bits. She squeezed her eyes closed and tried not to cry when his finger entered her.

“Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!” she shouted, but her words had no meaning to them. She screamed again and he pulled away. Ignoring her flaying arms and kicking feet, they continued tugging the fabric down. They pulled it off her feet and she was nude.

The men released her and stood back. She stared into their astonished faces as they looked down upon the peach-skinned girl they had pulled out of the animal fur. The older man kicked the remnants of her jumpsuit away as though it might stand on its own and attack them.

Amy swallowed the lump in her throat.

Sensing that they were as afraid of her as she was of them, she once again tried to run away.

She managed to stand and take a single step before a powerful arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her from the ground. The alien spun her in the air like a doll and brought her down across his lap as he sat on a fallen log. Before she could do more than squeal, his hand smacked down on her upturned bottom— hard.


He spanked her again and again. His strong hand pelted her butt and set her tender flesh afire.


Love on a Forbidden Planet is Book One of the Passion Quest series, and is FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZPB5QB
Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01LZPB5QB

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Saturday Spanking – April 4, 2020

Here we have a short clip from Stranded With Charlotte. This book reflects my real-life experience stranded in an airport. My fellow passengers and I had too many beers and shared some hair-raising experiences in life, love, and sex.

This clip reflects Karen’s loss of virginity…


With his big, thick hand, he resumes spanking my bare bottom. It does hurt, but I don’t complain. Then, he initiates a strange oscillation with the intensity of the swats. While he still alternates cheeks – one swat each – he is now altering their intensity. First, he gives three stinging smacks. And then, he gives three really painful SMACKS. Then he repeats the pattern.

“What are you doing? Playing some sort of tune on my ass?” I ask.

He chuckles. “No, you were asking for help. This is how you ask for help in Morse Code.”


“You know, SOS – dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot.” He continues the spanking repetitions as he calls out the signs.

Giggling, I scarcely feel the pain of the final three SOS sets. The pulsations so close to my pussy have lit a fire inside me. My clit is now hard, and screaming for attention.

Stop this nonsense and diddle my clit; make me come.

When he finishes my spanking, I start to get up. Once again, his firm hand in the center of my back holds me in place.

“What now?”


Stranded With Charlotte demonstrates that the best path between two points is not always a straight line. The book is available from:


A host of ebook sellers via Books2Read

Read the first chapter ((here}}



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Hump Day — March 4, 2020

Today I want to explore new worlds with Book One of the Passion Quest series – Love on a Forbidden Planet.

Amy is an Alien Anthropologiest aboard the Star Cruiser Carpenter. She is responsible for determining which alien species are intelligent and which aren’t. It’s her job to travel to different planets and observe the aliens from afar. However, she broke the rules and Professor Wilhelm threatened to spank her. Mulling over this idea with her boyfriend, Mario, he takes her emotions – and her body – to places she’s never experienced before.


Teasingly, Amy turned back around. Mario’s gaze focused on the black curly hair adorning her mons. She routinely trimmed them to an inch or so long, leaving just enough curl to modestly cover the apex of her womanly slit. He leaned his face into her and inhaled her exhilarating aroma. He kissed her bellybutton. Leaning back, he slowly lifted his eyes to examine her full breasts. Her dark nipples invited him to kiss them as well, but he decided to save that treat for later.

She gave her head a slight shake to relax her black hair around her shoulders. With a devilish glean in her chocolate, almond-shaped eyes, she took his index finger and used it to open his jumpsuit. She pulled the material down his shoulders and arms. Mario lifted his buttocks as Amy freed his cock from its prison. Kneeling on the deck, she completed undressing him.

She paused. Kneeling between his knees, she focused on his erection. She caressed his tip, and traced her fingers along the shaft. Mario wanted her to take him into her mouth. He had never said anything about wanting oral sex from her, but she had come close to taking him once before. He had nearly burst when he thought that she was going to do it.

Amy’s fingers explored his taut balls before returning to stroke his shaft. As she stood, she leaned forward to give his swollen tip a light kiss.

She pulled back the bed covers and lay on her back. Mario parted her knees and knelt between them. Holding his weight above her, he nuzzled between her breasts. He kissed around her nipple, teasing it as he watched the skin of her areola crinkle. When he could stand it no more, he sucked the firm nub between his lips. He coddled it with his tongue.

Amy moaned and lifted her knees. Mario guided his manhood to her warm entrance. He swirled his tip in her moisture. Abandoning her breast, he kissed her forehead, button nose, and finally her lips. He sucked her tongue into his mouth as he eased his member into her warm core. She locked her heels behind his butt, and urged him to thrust deep inside her.

Ahh, oh – yesss.”

Her moans of pleasure drove him wild.

“Harder, please—harder.”

She squeezed him so tightly as he strained to press himself ever deeper inside her.


To see what happens next, you can enjoy Love on a Forbidden Planet at Amazon and FREE with Kindle unlimited.


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Blushing Books

*** Check out the Passion Quest series {{here}} ***

Saturday Spanking — February 29, 2020

It’s Leap Year! Let’s celebrate with an extra spanking this Saturday.

Love Under the Violet Crown by Sterling Scott and Sahalie Blue is both a science fiction and historical romance story. The characters zooming through hyperspace are definitely living the SciFi life. However, the citizens of Maia-3 are Bronze Age Greeks. In producing this book, my co-author and I researched life in ancient Greece – back in the day of the Trojan War – to create our citizens on Maia-3.

Sample here a bit of this life. In this excerpt, Iva (our heroine) is enjoying the betrothal party of her five year old sister, Ali. Iva is reminiscing about her own pending wedding to Archmed…


Once the courtyard filled with guests, Aristo presented the documents attesting to Ali’s dowry and virginity. He proclaimed, “I give this woman for the ploughing of legitimate children.” Iva could not remember having heard these words at her betrothal, but she knew that her father had said them. These were the standard words used to seal every betrothal contract. Iva considered the harsh reality that she was mere fertile ground for her husband to plant his seed. Her greatest contribution to society was the production of more citizens—more male citizens. Athens needed a continuous supply of myrmidons to fight the war.

Ali was given a chastity belt by her future mother-in-law. It was more ornamental than functional: metal parts were gold and jewels were woven into the fabric. A tingle traced along Iva’s spine as she remembered her own chastity belt. She only wore it when she left the house, and that was almost never. She would wear it one more time. On her wedding day, her mother-in-law would remove it. It would then be presented to the goddess Athena as an offering.

While her fate was now sealed, Ali would not actually marry for another ten years, when she became a real woman.

With the legal portion of the ceremony completed, the children were sent to bed and the guests turned to the festival prepared by Aristo and Lysia. Iva lounged with the other unmarried women. They drank wine and ate fruits carried by the slaves. These young women were citizens and more than half of them were related to Iva. However, like her, they were confined to their homes. Thus, they rarely had opportunities to meet.

The young women giggled as they gazed upon the gathering men. Many of these men were betrothed to the girls. Iva watched as concubines attempted to seduce her elder brothers and cousins. Her father employed two concubines for the entertainment of his visitors. These women lived in the common rooms. However, for the festival he had hired half a dozen more for the pleasure of his guests. These were the only women permitted to converse with the men. When an unmarried woman engaged a man in conversation, one to which she was not related, observers would assume that she was offering herself for sex.

If Iva approached and conversed with an unrelated man, then her virtue would come under suspicion. Archmed might then reject her. The embarrassment of the scandal would force her father to disown her. Tossed out onto the street, she would have no other means of supporting herself than to join a brothel. Iva shuddered at the thought.

Then she spotted Nan. Iva’s older, illegitimate, half-sister trailed in their father’s wake. There were several other female metics within the gathering of men. Despite the knowledge that Nan would never marry, Iva was jealous of her. She envied Nan’s ability to mingle with the men. Nan was not a concubine, but she was not a virgin either. Iva knew that their father, Aristo, was introducing Nan to eligible men. Not men eligible for marriage, but men who might be seeking a courtesan. Nan was free to choose whoever she wanted. She was free to fall in love, but if she expected Aristo to provide his support, she would choose a man who could expand the family’s sphere of political influence.

Iva’s eyes fell upon Archmed. She watched as one of the concubines fed him grapes.

Why do men have such an insatiable need for sex?

Iva didn’t understand why men desired to have relations with so many women, so many times more than necessary to procreate. There was no significance associated with these unions; it was just something that they did. Iva had witnessed the act many times and knew the various positions used. She had watched her parents unite, she had watched men use her father’s concubines, and she had watched the slaves couple. At this moment, two of the concubines were servicing her father’s guests while their wives pretended not to watch.

Archmed was twice her age and she knew that he had an illegitimate son by his courtesan, who accompanied him on the military campaigns. The bond between a man and his courtesan was a legal arrangement wherein he agreed to support her and her children while she agreed to serve only him. Men were free to associate with as many women as they could afford.

However, as a citizen female, Iva would be stoned to death if she were to lie with any man other than her husband. Iva did not quite understand why married men required courtesans, but it seemed that they did. “Marriage is for producing legitimate heirs. Courtesans are for love,” Iva’s mother had told her. Admittedly, Iva did not love Archmed. She barely knew him. However, she did hope that one day their union would develop into one of love. She wanted him to discharge his courtesan and lie only with her.






So, what do you think Iva will do to sway Archmed to her intentions? Let me simply say that spanking scenes abound in Love Under the Violet Crown, available from Amazon, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Read the first chapter {{here}}


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Saturday Sit-Spank — February 8,2020

Today I offer, for your enjoyment, a scene from Margaret and the Train Robbers. This is a Victorian mystery series featuring my lady detective Margaret Rowan. Here, Margaret has found her man, but must trick him into revealing where the gold is hidden. She plays to his, uh, basic needs…


I hand him back the snifter. “Y-yes, you did!” I stroke his cheek. Then, returning my mind to my task I tease, “I guess, I must believe you about the other thing as well.”

“What other thing?” he asks, standing back with his battering ram cock still at the ready.

“The gold thing – that you are indeed a gold thief.”

“Oh, yes.” He climbs on top of me. Pushing my legs wide, to reopen my womanhood, he positions his huge tool at my dripping entrance. “And, after I cane your blushing fanny, I will prove that to you as well.”

He then slides his manhood deep within me, and fucks me – hard and fast. A minute later, he groans an animal sound and the paroxysm again consumes me. My channel grips his cock as though a vice and his thrusts now begin to rock my whole body violently to and fro. When my composure returns, and I regain the use of my voice, I beg, “Please sir, command your mammoth cock to fill me with its seed – NOW!” He groans again. His pulsating weapon stretches me as it complies with my request, bursting forth his warm seed to fill me.

After allowing me a half hour and another snifter of brandy to regain my composure, he positions me draped over the foot rail of the bed. He retrieves his cane and toys with me as he swishes it through the air, and then teasingly taps my bottom several times with it.

“Please, sir, while you may do what you wish, your humble servant begs that you consider a different implement to punish her.” I try one last time to forego the pain of his cane, though I know that I must endure whatever he presents to encourage him to show me the gold.

“Not today, my dearest Marge. I’ve waited too long for this pleasure.” Lady Barnet had cheated him of his last attempt to cane me.

The first CRACK is surely the worst and I scream for the second time since entering his bedroom. I hold my position and remain silent – gripping the bed sheet – through the following burning hot five CRACKS of the cane upon my soft fanny. When he finishes, he stands me nude before the mirror and while tears stream down my face I examine the welted stripes across my swollen butt – six evenly spaced parallel lines.

“My best work, I do believe,” he says, pinching my fanny’s left cheek while admiring his artwork.


To enjoy more of Margaret and the Train Robbers, click these links:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Blushing Books

Barnes & Noble



Check out this Amazon link. For other book in the Lady Detective series check out these:

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Saturday Spanking — January 18, 2020

For this Saturday Spanking blog roll I have an excerpt from Stranded With Charlotte. In this story, my cast of characters are stranded and pass the time by telling tales of their life events in a Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales sort of way. This specific excerpt is from Alisha’s Story. She is a newlywed and her husband as a few extra vows for her.


“Yes, but now we are married. You need to make a special commitment.”

12592638_10209519636978728_2679495480958163573_nHe sits up in the bed and pulls me across his lap. “It’s my wedding night, I don’t want a spanking.” But, I know better than to resist. He pushes my feet to the floor, bending me over his knee and stretching the skin of my bottom.

“The word is ‘obey’. I want to hear you spell it out.” Barry plants a firm smack on my left butt cheek.


“Close, ‘ouch’ does start with the letter ‘O’, but let’s try that again.” He spanks my right cheek – a bit harder.

“O,” I exclaim. He continues with softer, but still stinging smacks on alternating cheeks as I spell out B-E-Y.

“And what does that spell?” He swats me at the apex of my thighs, right over my puffy pussy lips.

“Ouch!” I jump, though it doesn’t really hurt that much. “Obey, it spells obey.”


CharlotteCover-smallStranded With Charlotte can be purchased at Amazon and a host of other fine ebook retailers.


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Saturday Spanking — October 26, 2019

This is the day we share…

A few swats with those we love.

Today I want to explore new worlds with Book One of the Passion Quest series – Love on a Forbidden Planet.

Amy is an Alien Anthropologiest aboard the Star Cruiser Carpenter. She is responsible for determining which alien species are intelligent and which aren’t. It’s her job to travel to different planets and observe the aliens from afar. However, she broke the rules and Professor Wilhelm threatened to spank her. Mulling over this idea with her boyfriend, Mario, he takes her emotions – and her body – to places she’s never experienced before.

He spanks her for the first time; she is amazed at the response it evokes in her…

To see what happens next, you can enjoy Love on a Forbidden Planet at Amazon and FREE with Kindle unlimited.


Amazon US

Amazon UK

Blushing Books

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