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Saturday Spanking — January 18, 2020

For this Saturday Spanking blog roll I have an excerpt from Stranded With Charlotte. In this story, my cast of characters are stranded and pass the time by telling tales of their life events in a Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales sort of way. This specific excerpt is from Alisha’s Story. She is a newlywed and her husband as a few extra vows for her.


“Yes, but now we are married. You need to make a special commitment.”

12592638_10209519636978728_2679495480958163573_nHe sits up in the bed and pulls me across his lap. “It’s my wedding night, I don’t want a spanking.” But, I know better than to resist. He pushes my feet to the floor, bending me over his knee and stretching the skin of my bottom.

“The word is ‘obey’. I want to hear you spell it out.” Barry plants a firm smack on my left butt cheek.


“Close, ‘ouch’ does start with the letter ‘O’, but let’s try that again.” He spanks my right cheek – a bit harder.

“O,” I exclaim. He continues with softer, but still stinging smacks on alternating cheeks as I spell out B-E-Y.

“And what does that spell?” He swats me at the apex of my thighs, right over my puffy pussy lips.

“Ouch!” I jump, though it doesn’t really hurt that much. “Obey, it spells obey.”


CharlotteCover-smallStranded With Charlotte can be purchased at Amazon and a host of other fine ebook retailers.


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Saturday Spanking — October 26, 2019

This is the day we share…

A few swats with those we love.

Today I want to explore new worlds with Book One of the Passion Quest series – Love on a Forbidden Planet.

Amy is an Alien Anthropologiest aboard the Star Cruiser Carpenter. She is responsible for determining which alien species are intelligent and which aren’t. It’s her job to travel to different planets and observe the aliens from afar. However, she broke the rules and Professor Wilhelm threatened to spank her. Mulling over this idea with her boyfriend, Mario, he takes her emotions – and her body – to places she’s never experienced before.

He spanks her for the first time; she is amazed at the response it evokes in her…

To see what happens next, you can enjoy Love on a Forbidden Planet at Amazon and FREE with Kindle unlimited.


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Saturday Spanking — October 19, 2019

It’s not too late for one more summer read. Here is an excerpt is from Stranded With Charlotte. While my band of travelers is stranded in the airport, they tell stories of their loves. In this segment, Karen is telling of her first time. She has climbed up on the roof, and like the proverbial kitten, she cannot get down…


“What the hell are you doing, Karen?” Jake shouts up to me.

I drag myself away from the edge. Sitting I turn around. I take a deep breath. “I came up looking for you. But, now I can’t get back down.”

“Get away from the edge, and don’t move!” Following his command to me, Jake flies up the ladder. When he gets to me, he sits on the roof beside me. He pulls me into his arms in a giant bear hug. “Are you all right?”

“Ya-yes, just scared.” I begin to cry.

“This is so dangerous. Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know. I’ve seen so many guys scamper up and down; I didn’t think there was anything to it. Getting up was easy.”

He chuckles and strokes my hair. “There-there, Karen, you should not have done that. We practice many times with safety ropes and spotters before ever attempting to climb by ourselves.”

“I’m-I am sorry. I just didn’t think.”

“Yes indeed, you didn’t think. Now, I will help you back down, but first I need to teach you a lesson. You need to learn the importance of thinking before you leap into a dangerous situation.”

14639821_10157582054445043_21691581466692596_n“What do you mean?” I wipe my sniffles away with my sleeve.

“I’m going to spank you.”

“Oh, no, you’re not!” My bravado surges.

“Well, it’s like this. You either admit your failing, and take your punishment like a responsible adult, or you get yourself down.” He releases me and stands. I stare blankly at him and he takes a step toward the ladder.

***** strandedcharlotte_ad-3

Stranded With Charlotte is available from:

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Saturday Spanking — October 12, 2019

This week, lets explore an underworld where the panties come down and the bottoms get spanked.

When questioned by homicide detectives, Amanda was compelled to tell the truth…

“How many naked women?” Roger asked.

“A dozen or so. I never took off my panties. It was our first time, and I was too embarrassed,” Amanda replied.

“Did anyone spank you?” Roger’s interest was really peaking.

“Yes. I was stripped as part of a game. My clothes were auctioned off. And the guy who bought my bra got to spank me while everyone watched. Then a couple of others spanked me too.”


Undercover With Betty is murder mystery. Betty, a governess by day and a spanking party hostess by night, haplessly falls into the crack between murdering mobsters and the police. Both sides think she is working for them. But, who really has her loyalty?

Available from Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited

Read the first chapter by clicking here.

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Saturday Spanking — August 24, 2019

Stranded With Charlotte is a rather different love story – the best path between two points is not the straight line.

A voyage of self-discovery awaits Jon Howard as he travels from Charlotte to Hawaii for his mother’s funeral. Along the way, both his soul and the airplane break down. To pass the time, his fellow stranded travelers each tell a short story of their own sensual discoveries. Reality eclipses dreams, and Jon discovers that the distance he has traveled has been much farther than merely achieving his destination.

Let’s zoom in on a scene where we find Jon has trapped a fellow traveler in a compromising position…


As our afterglow fades, I reach for my boxers. I use them to contain our love’s debris as I withdraw from her. She tries to rise up, but I smack her firm butt.

“Get back into position, sex slave! We still have fifteen minutes. Plenty of time to complete the spanking you so richly deserve. “

She turns to face me. Her jaw drops as the color drains from her face.

I initiate her punishment gently, unsure of how much pain she will enjoy. With my palm, I alternately smack her bottom’s cheeks.

“Yeeoww,” she shrieks, but my swats thus far could not have been painful. She wiggles her butt seductively, and I dial up the intensity. “Oohhh,” she groans in earnest, but does not cry out or attempt to resist me.

I pause and grip her tender flesh. “Do you remember why you are getting a spanking?”

“Ah, yes – yes, Sir. I tried to make you come too fast.”

“That’s right. So, do you deserve this disciplining?”

“Yes, Sir, I earned a spanking.”

I continue alternating cheeks, though with a noticeably increased sting. I admire how her firm, pale skin turns pink with my handprints. She squirms a bit more, trying to pull away from me. I give her two extra sharp slaps.


I hold her. “What do you have to say?”

She nuzzles into my lap. “I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t misbehave again.” She sighs…


Stranded With Charlotte is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers

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Saturday Spanking – August 16, 2019

This week I am returning to my roots in Victorian spanking mysteries. This is an excerpt from the first book in my Lady Detective Series, before Margaret Rowan became Lady Rowan. Here we have Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson experiencing the final lesson of the book…


“Sir,” I begin speaking very slowly, “I must express my sincere apology. I truly do see that my actions were unnecessary and frivolously dangerous. Please trust me when I pledge that I will forever hold your instructions foremost in my mind during completion of my assignments.” The image of Captain Stuart standing behind me while holding a riding crop pops into my mind’s eye.

“Humph.” He adjusts his monocle and studies me, seemingly unconvinced by my contrition. “Hmm, forever…” This was the one word of the most heartfelt apology I’ve ever expressed that he takes to heart? But, he continues, “Yes, that is our next subject as we will address the final disposition of your disrespect for my commands in a moment. However, at this moment I have something more important to propose. As I stated earlier, I can see that this experience has completed your maturity and that it is now time for me to complete your father’s final wish and take you as my wife… forever.”

Again I gasp for air to breathe and clutch my fist to my breast. While a less romantic man might never be found, his heart is clearly with me. The quiver deep in my belly erupts sending a shiver along my spine.

Sensing my inability to speak at this moment he continues, “Yes, and as you now are my betrothed, Margaret, I now have the authority to spank you myself… and to complete your punishment for the aforementioned transgression.” He leans slightly back into the couch and pats his thigh. “I expect that you will now… assume the position.”

“Sir, I—”


To see how Miss Rowan’s lesson progress, and to learn how she catches her woman, read Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson.

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