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Super Bowl Sunday — 2020

Are you having a Super Bowl Party?

You might want to bring in the

Sterling Maids

for the post-show clean up.


Those toes do need kissing!

Here is an excerpt from Maid in a Tub, story three. Maid Madison finds a special thrill in taking a bath. Madison is up to her neck in trouble when Tanya discovers her up to her neck in bubbles. Will Tanya clean up?


Mark set the adult toy on the edge of the tub. He snatched a washcloth from a wicker basket on the bathroom vanity, climbed into the extra-large whirlpool tub, and sat down. Tanya got in next and slid down so she was facing him. She put her legs on top of his.

He said, “Sit back, relax and let me wash your tender feet. I’ll try not to tickle them too much. However, I do want to use the washcloth to caress each little toe individually. Mmm, and kiss each one as it is finished.”

She reclined in the steamy, swirling water and closed her eyes. She enjoyed the sensation of his gentle strokes on the bottom pads of her feet. She relished his nibbling, sucking and licking her soft, warm water-soaked toes.

She was so relaxed she barely noticed when he finished with her feet and spread her legs apart, using his toes to gingerly play with her curly hairs and probe her innermost womanly secrets.

“Mmm,” she sighed.

“Hmm, my love, is it my imagination, or is your crevasse getting a bit extra wet down there?” he inquired.

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