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Two 4 Tuesday — April 28, 2020

In these trying times,

How close are you and your isolation buddy?

You can get close to these to friendly short stories for 99 cents each, or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Mark and Becky were speeding through Louisiana, heading towards a weekend of horse betting and sex. When Mark slows the car in the middle of nowhere, he explains that this is the location of a speed trap. Becky pressures him into revealing the details of the experience.

Mark reveals the humiliating experience.

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Teenage girl seeks older man to love and dominate her.

A recently divorced computer tech meets an eighteen year old girl as she begins her first job. Surprisingly she asks him out on a date. And then… Let’s just say, they hit it off.

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Two 4 Tuesday — April, 21 2020

Fun and games in quarantine.

It’s important to pick the right isolation partner.

In search of a isolation reading? Something to take your mind off the beach?  Here is a tidbit from a book Sahalie Blue and I have penned. This anthology of five stories is titled A Sterling Maid For You and is filled with sexy naughty maids. In this excerpt from To Catch A Maid, Tanya, prepares to disciple a maid accused of stealing…


Gary Grant watched as Mrs. Sterling took a deliberately long time tugging on the elastic leg-holes of Kelly’s panties. She pulled on the black fabric until its shape matched the suntan lines on Kelly’s bottom.

Kelly doesn’t use a tanning salon.

After a final pat, as though judging the distance to her target, Tanya began light smacks on the taut surface of Kelly’s panties with the wooden spoon.

Gary’s cock pulsed with the sound of the first impact. He watched Kelly’s almond-shaped eyes squeeze shut. He knew from their previous conversations that her mother was Japanese. He had always enjoyed how she favored her mother’s ethnicity with her heart-shaped face and nearly jet-black hair. However, her eyes were those of her father’s with a bluish-green color. Gary had always been fascinated by her exotic appearance.

Oh, so pretty and quietly attractive.

She had told him that her father had been an American Marine stationed on Okinawa. Her parents had married in Japan, but she had been born in Fresno, California.

Kelly grimaced, but made no sound. Mark and Gary shifted to the edge of their seats as though watching their favorite football team line up on the five-yard-line for a rush into the end zone. Tanya continued her metered whacking of Kelly’s bottom. As Gary had often noticed,

Kelly’s skimpy maid’s uniform had left little of her trim body to the imagination. However, as she was now more scantily dressed, Gary found the rhythmic tension and release of her never before seen butt muscles to be a mesmerizing sight.


A Sterling Maid For You is available from:

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Two 4 Tuesday — March 31, 2020

Are you enjoying the self-isolation?

I am, but it does depend on who is quarantined with you.


The image of these delectable two is too strong; I cannot leave so quickly. Indeed, I know what to do. Allow me to relive a scene from Undercover With Betty. While attending a spanking party, poor Amanda is about to learn something about herself:


The second shoe sold in a similar fashion.

It was then time for her socks to go. The left one sold for another fifty dollars, and a young man near Amanda’s age stepped to the stage. Betty again steadied Amanda’s hand as she balanced on her right foot. The man lightly pinched her toes with his thumb on the top of her foot, and his fingers stretched along the bottom. She reflexively curled her toes into his palm. While he touched nothing more than her foot, the invading sensations sent electric sparks along her flesh. Her vagina clenched, and she prayed the wetness pooling in her panties would not show. With his other hand, the man rolled the sock down her ankle and over the heel. With his hand gripping her bare heel, he released her toes. His fingers caressed the sole of her foot as he slid the sock the remaining distance to free it.

Amanda’s pussy tingled. Holy Shit! I have a foot fetish, she thought to herself.

Fortunately for Amanda’s sensibility, the second sock sold with less flourish. Standing on the stage barefoot, she felt as though she was already on display in the nude. Her attention was focused on her excited pussy.


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Two 4 Tuesday — January 28, 2020

Spanking one cute bottom…

Puts me in mind to spank another!

This puts me in mind of one of the stories in  A Sterling Maid for You by myself and Sahalie Blue. In “Two Maids and a Feather Duster”, Meg wants to give her boyfriend the ultimate birthday present. She enlists the help of her roommate, Willow, and the two girls…


Quickly, the other woman kicked off her pumps and joined the two on the bed. Meg felt Willow’s hands slowly unzipping her dress, and for a moment, started feeling a bit anxious. However, Willow massaged and kissed Meg’s bare shoulders and her tensions melted away.

Sam asked, “Does that feel better now?”

Meg muttered something unintelligible.

Sam took off Meg’s shoes and grazed his knuckle along the smooth arches of her feet. He gently massaged her toes through the silky fabric of her stockings. He untied her apron and lifted her up for Willow to slip off Meg’s dress. He undid Meg’s bra clasps, and pulled her bra off as he rolled her onto her back. Lifting her breasts, he suckled each one, taking care to kiss and lick her nipples until they beaded up. Taking slow pleasure, he kissed his way around her soft mounds and down her belly. Pausing, he tickled her belly button with his fingertips before sliding her thong-bikini panty down her legs.

Sam then turned his attention to Willow as he unzipped her dress. Her pebbles were already quite perky. Even so, Sam leaned close to lightly flick them with his fingertips before he kissed them. He motioned for her to lie on her back next to Meg. As she nestled beside her friend, he removed her panty, and sat back on his heels to enjoy the view of both scantily clad women.

“Ladies, you are so beautiful. Uh, I think for now I would like you both to keep the garter belts and stockings on. I love a stocking-clad foot.” He growled and picked up one of each of the girls’ feet, massaging and kissing them. Willow’s feet were rather sensitive, and she squirmed out of Sam’s grasp and rolled on her side.

Before Meg knew what was happening, Willow cupped her head, put her hands on her cheeks, and pulled their faces close together. Grazing her lips, Willow gave Meg a delicate kiss.

Her lips are so tender.

The kiss was different from Sam’s.


You can read more of the short stories in this anthology. This collection of five romantic spanking fantasies showcases the erotic adventures of lively, but errant maids in the employ of Tanya Sterling’s house cleaning company: Sterling Maids. Cleaning was never this much fun.

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You can read the first story for FREE here.