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Saturday Spanking — April 25, 2020

This week Diana is about to learn her first lesson in how to be a slave girl. This is only her first adventure in Rescuing Diana. In this Victorian steampunk science fiction tale—ala H. G. Wells era— you can enjoy her spanking adventures as she travels to Venus and Mars.


When Diana awoke, she discovered that she was no longer between her soft cotton sheets. Rather, she was lying on a hard wooden bench.

“Ah, you are awake.” The voice was thick. Its owner spoke slowly, as though English was not his first language.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“That is not for me to say. I am Mustafa, your instructor.”

Diana became aware that she was still dressed in only her nightdress. Pulling her knees into her chest, she was grateful for the concealing darkness. “Instructor?”

14449911_181004082336988_7049071810022843442_n“Yes. I will instruct you on the proper behavior of a concubine slave.”

What?” She attempted to stand again.

In the darkness, she only barely perceived the motion of the man as his hands gripped hers. In a flash, the mountain-sized man had her wrists pinned together as he bound her hands with a short length of leather strap. He then sat on the bench and pulled her down across his lap. He began to spank her with furious strokes. Diana kicked, but his powerful hand held her down. She screamed for someone to help her; but no one came. She was forced to endure a long, painful walloping. He finally stopped.

“That was your first lesson. Do you know what it was?”


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Hump Day — April 1, 2020

Nope, this is not an April Fools joke

In Rescuing Diana, Miss Well’s adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making Diana into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning. Secretly following her brother – Herbert – and Captain Bates, Diana makes the mistake of boarding her uncle’s Moon Car. Diana’s Uncle George is a professor studying the lost Egyptian science of anti-gravity and levitation. He is planning a trip to the moon. Unknown to the others, Diana stows away and inadvertently joins the voyage. When the get to Mars, Diana is captured, and then…


Toward the end of the second week, Furna delayed Diana as the slave girls were preparing to collect the evening supply of food. “Diana; that is such a strange name. What does it mean?”

She knew that she was named for an ancient Roman goddess, but she could not imagine how to express this to Furna. “It means one who is beautiful and swift—a huntress.”

“Hmm,” Furna mused as she ran her finger along the edge of Diana’s slave collar. “But this is not the first time you have been a slave, is it?”


“I have noticed that you take well to the position. You know how to behave with your betters and follow instructions.”

“Ja, I have been so trained,” Diana admitted.

“However, I sense this is not what you were born to.”

“Nein, I have spent most of my life as a free woman.”

“And, so you shall again—soon.” Furna removed the chain attached to Diana’s collar. The end of the chain had never been fastened to anything to confine her. It served only as a constant reminder of her slave status as she carried it around. “But this stays for now.” Furna hooked her finger in the collar and gave it a light tug. “Karjir will free you when it pleases him.”

While still a slave, Diana was glad to have the chain removed. Without it, she could run much faster when John and Herbert came to rescue her.

“Soon the southern army will be returning,” Furna continued. “They will bring many new slave girls to fill the Alpha’s harem. The older girls here now will be released. Since the Alphas take such great care to ensure that their girls are well trained—trained in both the art of obedience and that of gathering food and maintaining a household—these girls are the most sought after in Kur. The families of Kur will be paying tribute to the Alphas to gain one of these girls for their Beta sons.”

Diana understood that Furna was defining her fate. She was to be married to a Beta—and soon. She swallowed and counted the days of her captivity.

How long do John and Herbert have until something… irreversible happens to me?

“Karjir will find you a fine husband. You will be happy.” Furna expressed a rare smile and left Diana with her thoughts.


Rescuing Diana is a romantic science fiction story. Set in July, 1840, the story offers exciting discoveries and an alternate meaning to ancient mythology; including a different outlook on the inspiration behind the famous Venus in the half shell painting. The book is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Blushing Books



Saturday Sit-Spank — February 8,2020

Today I offer, for your enjoyment, a scene from Margaret and the Train Robbers. This is a Victorian mystery series featuring my lady detective Margaret Rowan. Here, Margaret has found her man, but must trick him into revealing where the gold is hidden. She plays to his, uh, basic needs…


I hand him back the snifter. “Y-yes, you did!” I stroke his cheek. Then, returning my mind to my task I tease, “I guess, I must believe you about the other thing as well.”

“What other thing?” he asks, standing back with his battering ram cock still at the ready.

“The gold thing – that you are indeed a gold thief.”

“Oh, yes.” He climbs on top of me. Pushing my legs wide, to reopen my womanhood, he positions his huge tool at my dripping entrance. “And, after I cane your blushing fanny, I will prove that to you as well.”

He then slides his manhood deep within me, and fucks me – hard and fast. A minute later, he groans an animal sound and the paroxysm again consumes me. My channel grips his cock as though a vice and his thrusts now begin to rock my whole body violently to and fro. When my composure returns, and I regain the use of my voice, I beg, “Please sir, command your mammoth cock to fill me with its seed – NOW!” He groans again. His pulsating weapon stretches me as it complies with my request, bursting forth his warm seed to fill me.

After allowing me a half hour and another snifter of brandy to regain my composure, he positions me draped over the foot rail of the bed. He retrieves his cane and toys with me as he swishes it through the air, and then teasingly taps my bottom several times with it.

“Please, sir, while you may do what you wish, your humble servant begs that you consider a different implement to punish her.” I try one last time to forego the pain of his cane, though I know that I must endure whatever he presents to encourage him to show me the gold.

“Not today, my dearest Marge. I’ve waited too long for this pleasure.” Lady Barnet had cheated him of his last attempt to cane me.

The first CRACK is surely the worst and I scream for the second time since entering his bedroom. I hold my position and remain silent – gripping the bed sheet – through the following burning hot five CRACKS of the cane upon my soft fanny. When he finishes, he stands me nude before the mirror and while tears stream down my face I examine the welted stripes across my swollen butt – six evenly spaced parallel lines.

“My best work, I do believe,” he says, pinching my fanny’s left cheek while admiring his artwork.


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Hump Day — January 15, 2020

Victorian sleuth Lady Strangways invades the Old West

Diamond Mountain is available from most every ebook seller?

In 1870, the world’s largest diamond field is discovered in American Indian country. This is an almost true version of what happened next.


Theodora allowed him to strip her gown and underclothes off. He positioned her nude body, face down, on the bunk.

She moved her head an inch, stretching it forward, trying to get the kinks out of her neck. Soon she felt his expert touch, kneading the tight muscles at the base of her skull. “Oh, that feels so good,” she told him.

Slowly, strong hands caressed her, attending to every inch of her body.   Theodora melted under his touch. She couldn’t remember a time when she felt so relaxed.

He ended the massage with her soft feet, kneading his fingers into their soles; caressing each tiny, delicate toe.

Despite her calm, Theodora was hot. Not sweating hot, but horny hot, with dew leaking from her pussy hot when he finished.

She moaned, “Oh, please.”

“Hmm, what is it you desire, milady? Tell me.” He lightly slapped her bottom.

“I want you,” she whispered.

Asbury rolled her over, and began caressing her Venus.


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Masturbation Monday — August 19, 2019

Now that school is back in session…

Moms everywhere are exploring new options.


Consider some Steampunk Adventure

Our self exploring heroine for the week is getting ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. Little does she know, as her fingers seek out her Venus, that she will soon be immersed in the planet of pleasure. This excerpt is from Rescuing Diana


BotticelliSmallThat night, Diana’s mind raced with excitement. Sir Thorsby had been persuaded to agree to his sister’s plan. Herbert and John were indeed accompanying them to London. Diana could not find sleep as visions of London danced in her head. She had not been to the great city for two years. With the memory of John’s kiss on her mind, she used her fingers to caress her lady parts. Recalling the twitch of his cock against her belly pushed her over the edge. The fullness of pleasure finally allowed her to relax into slumber.




RescuingDianaCoverThis Victorian Science Fiction story is reminiscent of those written by my idol, H. G. Wells. See if you can spot his cameo appearance. The book is available from:

Blushing Books


Barnes and Noble




Saturday Spanking – August 16, 2019

This week I am returning to my roots in Victorian spanking mysteries. This is an excerpt from the first book in my Lady Detective Series, before Margaret Rowan became Lady Rowan. Here we have Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson experiencing the final lesson of the book…


“Sir,” I begin speaking very slowly, “I must express my sincere apology. I truly do see that my actions were unnecessary and frivolously dangerous. Please trust me when I pledge that I will forever hold your instructions foremost in my mind during completion of my assignments.” The image of Captain Stuart standing behind me while holding a riding crop pops into my mind’s eye.

“Humph.” He adjusts his monocle and studies me, seemingly unconvinced by my contrition. “Hmm, forever…” This was the one word of the most heartfelt apology I’ve ever expressed that he takes to heart? But, he continues, “Yes, that is our next subject as we will address the final disposition of your disrespect for my commands in a moment. However, at this moment I have something more important to propose. As I stated earlier, I can see that this experience has completed your maturity and that it is now time for me to complete your father’s final wish and take you as my wife… forever.”

Again I gasp for air to breathe and clutch my fist to my breast. While a less romantic man might never be found, his heart is clearly with me. The quiver deep in my belly erupts sending a shiver along my spine.

Sensing my inability to speak at this moment he continues, “Yes, and as you now are my betrothed, Margaret, I now have the authority to spank you myself… and to complete your punishment for the aforementioned transgression.” He leans slightly back into the couch and pats his thigh. “I expect that you will now… assume the position.”

“Sir, I—”


To see how Miss Rowan’s lesson progress, and to learn how she catches her woman, read Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson.

Amazon US

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Blushing Books

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Hump Day — August 14, 2019

Happy Hump Day!

In 1857 a Frenchman living in Glasgow, Scotland has been murdered. When consulting detective Lady Theodora Strangways arrives, she quickly get distracted…

An excerpt from Arsenic and the Socialite:

Withdrawing his lips from hers, he rolled her onto her back. She opened her thighs, and he crawled on top of her. Supporting himself with his arms, he hovered over her. His member touched her lady bits.

“Darling…” she whined when he did not enter her. She flexed her hips to rub her hot slit along his tip.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Oh, I’ve been ready all day,” she whispered.

Shifting his weight to his left arm, he used his right hand to open her folds and guide his hard cock inside her channel. Theodora moaned as he stretched her.

“This is my pussy,” he declared. “Do you want my cock in my pussy?”

“Yes, yes,” she whimpered. She lifted her knees and thrust her hips higher.

He met her thrust with his own. Slowly, he pumped his tool deeper. With some experimentation, he found a rhythm that did not cause the bedsprings to squeak. She wanted him to pump harder and faster, but she knew he wanted to keep their union a secret.

Pressing her face into his shoulder, she came. Her body quaked with pleasure, and her cunny reflexively gripped his member. Moments later, he strained to push every inch of his cock deep into her pussy. She felt the pulsations and the wet heat of his orgasm. He groaned in unison with the spasms.


From the Affairs of Lady Strangways: Arsenic and the Socialite

Too Many Suspects!

In 1857 a Frenchman living in Glasgow, Scotland has been murdered. When consulting detective Lady Theodora Strangways arrives, she quickly discovers his wife, his fiancé, and his lover. However, which one poisoned him, or did they all three conspire together?

Rich with the history of the Victorian Age, Lady Strangways and her lover, Scotland Yard Inspector John Digby, search for the answers.

Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers

Masturbation Monday — August 12, 2019

Happy Masturbation Monday! Now, drop your pants and…

…start burning those calories!

This week’s exploration into self satisfaction comes when Miss Adelaide simply cannot get enough. In The Pimlico Affair, Miss Adelaide is accused of murdering her fiancé. This story is Book Four of the Lady Detective Series and Lady Rowan gets her first opportunity to investigate a murder.

In this snippet, Edwin, the aforementioned fiancé, is being taught how to properly discipline his future wife.


“Excellent. Now, you will surely be punishing your wife on her bare bottom, but we have adhered to necessary social modesty with this demonstration. However, we should take a moment to examine the effect of the spanking.” Before she realized his intention, he opened her drawers. He exposed her bare bottom and Edwin leaned close to observe. Adelaide clenched her cheeks tightly together to conceal what she could of her womanly secrets. “As you can see I have given her a bright pink exposure without any bruises.” She felt his fingers press and release the tension of her sore flesh. “This should be your goal. You should be very careful if you should consider that a more severe punishment is required.” He tied her drawers back together. “Now, I believe that you should give it a try.”

032-porn006With Mr. Dyson’s encouragement, Adelaide rose from her position and bent over Edwin’s lap. The entire process was repeated. If either of them had been aware of her two climaxes, they presented no sign of it.

“Very well, Miss Adelaide, you have behaved excellently this evening. You may now retire to your room,” the Reverend said, dismissing her following Edwin’s spanking of her now very sore bottom.

Wiping genuine tears from her eyes, she picked up her clothes from the floor and painfully walked to her room. Although she had already had two orgasms, she pulled her nightdress to her waist as she stroked her clit. She listened to the continuing conversation between the two men, though she could not discern their words. After the crescendo of pleasure waves crashed through her body for the third time, she relaxed and drifted off to sleep.


As so many of my stories are, this one is based on real events in Victorian England. Purchase this book from:

PimlicoCoverBlushing Books


Barnes and Noble

Apple iBooks




Saturday Spanking — July 20, 2019

Is the summer heat driving you indoors, or perhaps you are headed for the beach. Either way, let’s have some fun with my Victorian characters as they study the Kama Sutra.

This excerpt is from Arsenic and the Socialite:

During her visits, he had her read from the Kama Sutra. Bill instructed her read about the fine points of embracing, kissing, and other types of touching, to heighten sexual arousal in both the man and the woman. This increased tension and arousal before the actual penetration amplified the intensity of their climaxes. On one such visit, he had her read about spanking. This was not for pain and punishment, but for stimulation before love making. “There is no keener means of increasing passion,” she read silently from the book.

Bill demonstrated the sensual spanking by taking her over his knee. Spreading her thighs, he pressed his knee against her mons. His lightly stinging swats on her bare bottom pulsated through her, and her cunny bounced against the hardness of his leg. She found that the ancient book was correct. When he later used his fingers to bring her to climax, it was one of the most powerful and satisfying orgasms she had ever experienced.

However, he did not use the sensual spanking as a prelude to penetrating her.


Arsenic and the Socialite is set in 1857 Scotland where a man has been murdered — poisoned. This story introduces my new series: Lady Strangways Affairs. The investigation uncovers that the man had a wife, a fiancé, and a lover.  Who poisoned him?

Rich in history, you will delve between the sheets of the Victorian era. Loaded with sexy intrigue, I’m sure you will enjoy this adventure. Maybe you will learn some new techniques from the Kama Sutra, too.

Available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers

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Arsenic and the Socialite

Can love lead to murder?

Lady Theodora Strangways has been called to Scotland to answer just this question. Following the death of a Frenchman in Glasgow, she and Inspector John Digby are searching for clues among the man’s belongings. They find…


“I was thinking that suicide is a possibility. If there is arsenic in the room, it will cast a different light on things. I mean, he had a fiancée and a lover. He may have been looking for a way out.” Lady Strangways winked at John and chuckled.

“Indeed.” John snorted a laugh. “A man might seek refuge in death should the women learn about each other.”

Rifling through the bed coverings, Theodora discovered another letter.

“Where did you find that?” John asked.

“It was inside the casing for the pillow.” Theodora removed the paper from the envelope; it was from the same stationary set as the previous letter and written in the same hand. “My dearest husband,” she began reading to John, but then she stopped to silently scan the letter’s contents.

The letter was clearly written by a wife to her husband living apart. It was full of how she longed to be with him and pined with each passing day that she could not kiss him.

“Oh, my Lord,” Theodora exclaimed. “Listen to this!” She cleared her throat, and resumed reading aloud, “I am reclining in my bed, recalling how we parted on our last meeting. Pulling up my nightdress, my fingers are yearning to traipse into the folds where your fingers wandered. Inflamed as I was on that day, I welcomed your advance and resolved to give you more of myself. I was ever so delighted when you knelt between my knees. I recall the deepest blue of the sky and stimulating scents of the garden flowers. Even now, my belly still quivers as I remember the trepidations at being discovered. In the broad daylight, as my father frolicked by the sea not a hundred yards from our secluded grove, you took me for the first time.”

Theodora’s knees buckled, and she sat on the bed. She could easily understand how a woman would have such thoughts and feelings, but she could not imagine a woman would ever take pen and paper, and put these notions in writing.

“My fingers are now deep in that secret place where only you have explored. Oh, Beloved Husband, how I remember that day you first showed me the joys of being a woman. I wish only to have the firmness of your manhood once again inside me.”

Flushed, Theodora could not continue reading aloud. Silently, she finished reading the letter and handed it to John. It was signed: Mimi L’Angelier.


Arsenic and the Socialite is rich with the history of the Victorian Age, Lady Strangways and her lover, Scotland Yard Inspector John Digby, search for the answers. The story is an erotic / spanking / romantic / murder mystery. The book is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, all other retailers