Work In-Progress Wednesday – August 15, 2018

The time is nigh. Soon the waiting will be over, and you will be reading Book 3 of the Passion Quest SciFi/Historical/Spanking/Romance series. Should I reveal the title? Eh, I think a bit more teasing is in the offering.

This book by Sahalie Blue pits interstellar explorers against Cowboys of the Old West — a Western that is out of this worlk. Who will come out on top?

In this teaser, Shandre is a galactic explorer living undercover among the local population. She has a job as a teller in the local bank, but her mission is to search for clues that will lead the explorers to the mythical planet Earth. Taking the opportunity of a distraction, she goes snooping for clues. Of course, she is not be caught.


Mindful of Amy’s directive to search for clues to Earth, Shandre thought this to be a perfect time to sneak into the vault. She knew the wreckage of the starship was on Graham land, so she thought it possible he had some information stashed in the vault. Keeping an ear tuned to the conversation between Daggs and Mrs. Hargroves, Shandre crept inside. The vault had barely enough room for her small frame. She saw nothing out of the ordinary on the shelves. A file box with loan papers sat alongside stacks of bills and bags of coins; everything was neatly arranged.

Her eyes rested on a shiny object tucked in a corner. She pulled it out and studied it. It was some sort of plaque, dark in color, rectangular in shape, and looked metallic. She saw something that looked like an insignia, with some letters boldly etched into the metal beneath, but it was battered, and she could not make out the words.

At that moment, Daggs’ harsh voice reached Shandre’s ears. “You tell Abel to watch his back. Now that the weather’s clearin’ up, Tom Horn’ll be arriving any day now.”

Mrs. Hargroves said, “And just who is Tom Horn?”

“I ain’t sayin’ another word. You’ll find out soon enough.”

While Mrs. Hargroves indicated she did not know the infamous gunfighter, Shandre did know he had been hired by the Tewksbury clan. She replaced the plaque and backed out of the vault.

“I think our business here is complete, Mr. Daggs. You have thirty days to come up with the additional money, or else…” She left the unfinished threat hang in the air for a moment. “I’m sure you will find a way to make the payments. Good day.”

Shandre hurried to stand behind Mrs. Hargroves as if nothing had happened. The older woman whirled on her. Mrs. Hargroves pinched Shandre’s chin between her thumb and first finger.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay out of the vault?” she snarled.

“Yes, ma’am.” How did she know? Shandre asked herself; she had only been inside the vault for a few seconds.

“What were you doing in there?”

Shandre thought of Amy’s bare bottom at the pillory, and felt a swell of panic rising in her chest. “I was just curious, Mrs. Hargroves.”

“Well, curiosity killed the cat.”

Shandre wondered what the odd expression meant—who had said anything about a cat? “I didn’t take any money. You can search me if you like.”

“That, I will do, Missy.” None too gently, Mrs. Hargroves turned the pockets of Shandre’s skirt inside out. She found the pay envelope, but returned it. “Hmm,” she grunted, “there had better not be any money missing when I do the final counting later today. Do you recall your friend, Nurse Amy, and her spanking at the pillory?”

Shandre could not find the words to say ‘yes’; she only nodded.

“That’s where you will be, if you have taken any money, and Mr. Graham will redden your backside, like he did Nurse Amy’s.”

“Uh,” Shandre swallowed, “no, ma’am, I swear I have not taken anything.” She knew Abel Graham would relish the opportunity to get his hands on her bare buns.

“Nonetheless, you are due a punishment for disobeying my instructions.” Mrs. Hargroves grabbed Shandre’s arm and led the young woman to her desk, where she pulled out a thick ruler. “It’s your choice: bend over the desk and take what I have to give, or it is to the pillory with you.”

Shandre considered it to be no option at all. “Not the pillory, please, ma’am.”

Mrs. Hargroves smiled. “That’s what I thought you would say. Rest your head on the desk top, and spread your arms.”

Shandre did as she was told. She clenched her legs together, and gritted her teeth.

“You’ll get twenty swats over your skirt, then another ten on your bare bottom. And, I’d better not catch you in the vault again.”

Shandre grimaced, but knew better than to argue with her supervisor. “Yes, ma’am.” It’s for the mission, she told herself. Just as Amy had, she would take the punishment without argument.

The ruler came down swiftly on the fullest part of Shandre’s left cheek. The loud crack was not significantly muted by the fabric of her skirt, and resonated throughout the room. It hurt much worse than she had expected. The intensity built with each successive swat as Mrs. Hargroves wielded the ruler across Shandre’s backside. She methodically applied five swats in the same place. The pain increased with each repetition. Then, she switched to the other cheek, and repeated the process.

Now came the part Shandre dreaded most. Tears fell from her eyes. “Please, Mrs. Hargroves, you can see I didn’t steal anything. Please, don’t spank me on the bare.”


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Free Fable Friday — July 27, 2018

For FREE FABLE FRIDAY, a short story for your Kindle from Amazon. A broke college grad student takes a part time job as a hotel desk clerk. He thought his training was complete when he reported for his first shift, but…

Professional Cougar

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The Regency: Men, Women and Lust

Witty, explicit, rich imagery – ah, delicious porn

Readers of Charlie B’s have been entertained by his varied imagination: Schoolgirls, Vampires, Cougars – to name a few. This book is the first of a series with a historical setting. Here, Charlie takes a back to a time of old when men were men and women were women, and the two frequently met for some lusty fun.


When Mary Bolinbroke first discovered her father’s hidden books she enjoyed them so much that she resolved to write her own stories and to get them published. This then is her first penned work, a tale not only of her own lusty life as a young woman exploring the delights of sexual liaison, but also of the feud between her stepmother, Charlotte and the next door Neighbour, Lady Gormley.

In keeping with the times, licentious behaviour rules in the two houses, all avenues are explored in her story detailing the bawdy happenings that prevailed in this period of time when rude cartoons by such as Thomas Rowlindson were highly collectible and when the strict propriety of marriage was often circumvented by wicked lust.

If you like a good historical romp with no holds barred then I’m sure this story will appeal to you, and id Mary were able to look down from on high she would be excited to know that her stories were still being read and enjoyed today.

Try The Regency for yourself:

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