Relaxing on a Sunday

A warm summer day, great for snuggling on the couch with a cool drink and a hot woman…

This puts me in mind of Tanner Brand’s experience {he was a spaceman from the planet Eden} while living on the planet Cabul.  You see, he rented a room from a local native, Holly Meadows,. After a while, they got to know each other real well…


“Would you care for a nightcap?” Holly asked, as they entered her house.

“Yes, thank you,” Tanner answered.

Holly poured an amber fluid into two glasses. She added ice and soda water. She handed him one glass and carried the other to the couch. She toed off her shoes and sat with her legs folded under her body.

Tanner sipped the beverage. “Hmm, this is good. Everything here is so full of flavor.”

She thought the remark odd, but then he had said and done a number of odd things; she could no longer keep a list. She patted the seat next to her, inviting him to sit. She leaned close, their shoulders touching.

“I noticed you were very interested in the newsreel about the atomic rocket motor. My husband used to work for Dr. Coleman. You might recall, Lloyd Thomas said he was the designer of the motor. I don’t know if my husband worked on it or not, but I am still friends with Dr. Coleman. I could introduce you.”

“Holly, that would be splendid.”

She couldn’t help notice he was most interested when the subject of their conversation was the work of the Atomic Station. They chatted a little, and sipped their drinks. She wanted to kiss him. She wanted to take him to bed. It had been over two years since she had experienced a man, and she wasn’t getting any younger. Now, God had delivered the perfect specimen to live under her roof. If she had to be unfemininely forward, then so be it.

But, not tonight, she mused to herself. She would have to find a time when Beth would be out from under foot for a longer period of time.

After their drink, they parted. He went to the room downstairs, and she went to her bedroom. She undressed and pulled on a nightgown over her nude body. She lay awake, listening for the arrival of Walt and Beth.

A sliver of moonbeam fell across Holly’s face, and she turned her back to it. As she did so, her thighs rubbed together, and an image of Tanner enveloped her mind. Her kitty began to tingle. She imagined Tanner’s toned body, spooning next to hers.


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My editor strikes back…

It seems I’ve had too much fun at her expense. She wants some payback…

An except from The Editor Strikes Back by Sahalie Blue:

James lowered his zipper, then tugged off his jeans and tossed them to the side. He watched as my eyes appreciatively took in the bulge showing through his tight bikini briefs. Before slipping those off, however, he rubbed his hands vigorously together. “Gotta get ’em warmed up, ya know. My palms are just itching to spank your sexy ass.”

I sat up. “Um, I have something else in mind for tonight, James.”

His right eyebrow raised, and I could tell I’d piqued his interest. “What do you have in mind?”

I had been reclining in the middle of my bed. I could not achieve my objective there, so I carefully rolled off so as not to snag my three-inch spike heels on the silky sheets. I strolled the few steps to the foot of the bed, and sat on the edge. Then, in a teasing gesture, I repeated his hand-rubbing action. “Take off those briefs and come sit next to me. I’ll show you.” I grinned.

His cock sprang free as he slid the briefs down his hips. The black fabric pooled on the floor; he kicked them aside, ambled toward the bed, and seated himself at the edge, next to me.

I swiveled my head toward him. “I thought we’d do something a little different.” I leaned into him, and kissed him lightly on the lips. When we parted, I said, “I’m going to spank you tonight.”

Both of James’ eyebrows rose, and his face flushed slightly. He crossed his arms over his chest. “You are going to spank me?”

I nodded. “Yes.” I patted my left thigh. “Now, be a good boy, and bend over.”

We were about to cross a different line in our relationship. Up until now, James was always the one on top, dishing out the spanking. Tonight, I would turn the tables. And, for good reason. I was pissed and planned to take out my frustrations on his hide.


The Editor Strikes Back is from Stinging Stories — Two short sexy romances are embraced in this spanktastic collection.

Stinging Story One is called, “A Racy Rebirth,” and tells the tale of a middle-aged woman in the midst of a sexual metamorphosis. Stinging Story Two is titled, “The Editor Strikes Back.” Here, we find out what happens when an editor loses patience with her author friend’s mistakes.

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Toe Tickle Thursday — September 5, 2019

In the mood for a tickle teaser? Yeah…

I have joined a concerned group of Male Authors who have decided to write new stories and donate the proceeds for this Box Set to THE CANCER SOCIETY. My story, Gateway To Gaia, is a bit SciFi and a bit crime story. In this teaser, Detective George Chambers is taking a material witness out to dinner…


He would have preferred her to be bare-legged, but she was wearing suntan-shaded nylons. He wondered if they were stockings. If he were to slide his hand up one of those thighs, would he find the tops of old fashioned stockings? Would he feel her bare skin extending to her panties and garter belt? Or, was she wearing the more popular pantyhose? In the latter case, would she be au naturel with no panties between the thin fabric and her skin?

He wondered if she was into bondage. Would she enjoy role-playing with his handcuffs? His cock twitched, thinking how his brass headboard was ideal for such adventures. Was she kinky enough to allow him to tie her feet to the footboard with her own stockings?

George did not expect to learn the answers to any of these questions on this night. This was their first date. While scoring a home run on the first date was not impossible, he did not expect it. He hoped, but wasn’t sure, there would even be a second date.

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