Saturday Spanking — October 13, 2018

In Love Under the Violet Crown, Dr. Julie Patterson is an alien anthropologist. She is on a quest to bring peace to the galaxy. In this SciFi / Historical romance, Julie and her scientific team are aboard the starship Wilhelm, orbiting the planet Maia-3 with its population of bronze age humanoids.

However, before the mission begins, there is some unfinished business to attend to…


While he was the commander of the starship, he directed the crew to perform the functions necessary to complete the mission as specified by Dr. Toller. Thus, he was technically subordinate to her while in public. However, once they were behind closed doors, the tables were turned. He took charge.

As junior members of the starship Carpenter, the two had been young lovers. Amy preferred Mario to her other boyfriends and had been smitten with him. Mario had been marooned on Corvus-3 as well. However, it had taken him months to locate Amy. During the battle with the Barbas, their relationship had bonded ever tighter. Unfortunately, after their rescue, the continuing war had separated them.

Their feelings for each other transcended space and time. Each carrying a torch for the other, they had remained faithful. Only six times in the intervening ten years had they been together during shore leaves. Amy held dear every second she spent with Mario. With her influence, Amy had secured him as the captain of her new ship, and now they would be together for the indeterminate future.

Amy sat on the couch and snuggled up next to Mario as she took a long sip of her wine.

“Yes, Sir.” She emphasized the word sir. “And what do you propose to do about it?”

Mario’s cock twitched within its confines under his codpiece upon hearing her submissive expression. He knew exactly what he intended to do, and he expected that Amy knew as well.

“I think twelve licks of the paddle on your bare fanny, for starters, should do it.”

Twelve,” Amy whined. “For starters?”

“Indeed, then we will see just how good a girl you can be.”

“Aren’t I always a good girl?” She asked the question coyly, emphasizing her use of their code word for oral sex.

Mario smiled and retrieved his paddle, crafted from genuine cherry wood and polished to a smooth finish.

“Mm, yes you are. And I love you for it,” he replied.

Amy gulped down more wine and asked, “You want me now?”

“Oh yes, baby, now.” Mario nodded.

Amy finished her beverage. As Mario stood, he gripped her arm and directed her to the foot of the bed. He bent her over the edge. The fabric of her jumpsuit had been skintight, but now it stretched extra taut across her rounded apple bottom. Mario delayed her punishment for a moment while he admired her butt. He had always enjoyed the extra curves that she had surrounding her hips. While not really all that prominent, the extra pounds on her otherwise lean figure gave this posture a distinctly feminine allure.

After giving her a loving tap, he applied a stinging swat to her right butt cheek and watched her flesh dance under the blue jumpsuit.


He smacked her left cheek with an equal stinger and his cock twitched with her moans. With slow repetitions, he pelted her entire derrière with stinging swats. He, however, avoided her tender sit-spots. He saved those for last.

“Ouch-ouch! I thought you said twelve!”

Mario stopped. He had passed twelve many swats earlier. “Indeed, I did. However, I also said on the bare. You evidently weren’t listening. Too bad for you. You’re not bare so these don’t count.”

“Oh, crikey! You didn’t give me time to get undressed,” she complained. Amy reached her finger under her collar and touched the small metal stud hidden there. Instantly, the taut fabric of her jumpsuit relaxed and seams appeared. Reaching behind her back, she opened the back panel to expose her bare bottom.


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Work-In-Progress Wednesday — October 10, 2018

While I wait for both hurricane Michael and the edits from my editor, I shall share a tidbit from my nearly completed sequel to Arsenic and the Socialite. This Lady Theodora Strangways adventure is, for the most part, set in the 1870 American West. Theodora has been dispatched to learn the truth about Diamond Mountain.

The Blurb:

Lady Strangways invades the Old West.

In 1870 the world’s largest diamond field is discovered in American Indian country. London financier Nathan Rothschild joins forces with San Francisco entrepreneur Asbury Harpending to control the new wealth. To protect his investment, Rothschild dispatches consulting detective and sometimes spy Lady Theodora Strangways to shadow Harpending.

Theodora’s adventures stretch from London to San Francisco. Through the desert and chased by Indians, she finally scales Diamond Mountain to the secret of the treasure.

Lady Strangways’ escapades include inviting several men into her bed. Thus, this story is best suited for adult readers.

And an excerpt from her meeting with Asbury Harpending:

With the cheque folded inside her purse, Lady Strangways returned to her carriage.

“The Claridge’s Hotel, please,” she instructed the driver. Then she lay back to enjoy the sunshine.

At the hotel, she discharged her driver and footman. “I’ll be shopping and will take a cab home,” she said.

Parasol in hand, she crossed the hotel lobby and ascended the stairs to the second floor. On the door marked 247, she knocked.

“Did I wake you?” she asked, when Asbury opened the door. She surveyed him, starting with his slippers. He wore light gray trousers and a dark blue dressing jacket. Curls of chest hair escaped the opening between the lapels. He was unshaven. “Have you had breakfast?”

“No,” he said.

She pushed past him and entered the suite. Her current costume was much more respectable than what she had been wearing at the Brooke’s Club. This morning, she wore a dark brown frock. It was trimmed with white lace and had a high, collar neckline. The plump bustle and oversized bow provided protection for her bottom should his hands wander down there. She settled in a short divan by a fireplace, crossing her legs.

“No, as in I didn’t wake you? Or, you haven’t had breakfast?”

“Uh, well, the answer is ‘no’ to both questions.”

“I’ve already eaten this morning. Why don’t you ring for the maid, and order us some coffee. And, whatever else you might want. I see you haven’t shaved. Have you had a bath yet? Could I,” she paused for a moment and emphasized her nest work, “help you with either of those tasks?”

“No, and yes.” He pulled the cord, ringing for the maid. He left the door ajar and sat beside Theodora. “Teddy, I trust your detective business is concluded?”

“Indeed, a most satisfactory ending to my investigation. And now, I wish to thank you, once again, for your service in my adventure.”

“Please, curiosity is consuming me. What was it that we were about last night?”

“I was recovering a stolen item. I had a suspect, but due to the sensitive nature of the affair, I could not accuse him until I was certain of his guilt, and that he would not discuss the matter. That woman in the Brooke’s was a link in the chain of criminals. From her I got information that led me to another, and eventually I learned the final details that convinced me of the suspect’s guilt. Casting his evil deed into the light caused him to recant, and return the stolen item.”

“All this last night?”

“Indeed, I’m afraid that I haven’t slept much.”

“What about the police? Did you turn them over to the police?”

“Sadly, no. Again, the victim did not want the affair to become public knowledge. Thus, although they have had their fingers burned, these particular criminals are still free to strike again.”

“Sir, you rang for me?” The maid appeared in the doorway.

“Yes,” Asbury said. “Coffee and toast with some of that marmalade.”

“And, could you please run the water for the bath?” Theodora added.

“Yes, ma’am.” The maid entered the bedroom and opened the taps to supply warm water. “I’ll be back in a few moments,” she said, curtseyed and left. She left the door open.

“This is quite a surprise,” Asbury said. “You do have a habit of being full of surprises.”

“Indeed, it is what I do.” She smiled. “Besides being a financial genius, what is it you do?”

“Just that, for now. I have been a number of things in the past: a soldier, a smuggler, a gold miner. But, now I arrange financial deals. I helped finance the new railroad to the Pacific, the Comstock Lode mines, and I am here in London arranging a deal for a silver mine in New Mexico. It has been called a Mountain of Silver in the Times. Perhaps you have read about it.”

“Such things don’t normally interest me, but indeed I have read about that. Should I be investing my money in American silver mines?”

“Well, there are some worthy possibilities, but not this one. The hype has far outstripped the reality.”

“That happens so many times. One’s mind imagines great things, only to find disappointment.” She smiled. “I am expecting big things this morning.”

The maid returned and placed a tray on the side table. She turned off the water running into the bathtub. As she departed, the maid closed the door.

Theodora turned the key in the lock.

“Why don’t you settle into the bath, while the water is hot, and I will prepare your coffee and toast,” Theodora said.

Asbury crossed to the bedroom. A minute later, Theodora heard the slosh of water. She poured a cup of coffee, and spread the marmalade on the toast. She carried the cup and plate into the bedroom. The bed had not been made.

“Here.” She pulled a small table to the tub, and placed Asbury’s breakfast within his reach. She fixed a coffee for herself, and watched him eat. After a few sips, she set her cup down and began to unbutton her frock. “If I am to assist you, I don’t want to get this wet.”

He grinned, and watched her disrobe down to her bloomers, chemise, and stockings. She untied her shoelaces and removed them.

“Shall I start with your back, Mr. Harpending?”


While Diamond Mountain will not be available for another month, you can enjoy Arsenic and the Socialite today:

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