Saturday Spanking — May 26, 2018

For this Saturday Sit-Spank I have an excerpt from Stranded With Charlotte. In this story, my cast of characters are stranded and pass the time by telling tales of their life events in a Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales sort of way. This specific excerpt is from Alisha’s Story. She is a newlywed and her husband as a few extra vows for her.


“Yes, but now we are married. You need to make a special commitment.”

12592638_10209519636978728_2679495480958163573_nHe sits up in the bed and pulls me across his lap. “It’s my wedding night, I don’t want a spanking.” But, I know better than to resist. He pushes my feet to the floor, bending me over his knee and stretching the skin of my bottom.

“The word is ‘obey’. I want to hear you spell it out.” Barry plants a firm smack on my left butt cheek.


“Close, ‘ouch’ does start with the letter ‘O’, but let’s try that again.” He spanks my right cheek – a bit harder.

“O,” I exclaim. He continues with softer, but still stinging smacks on alternating cheeks as I spell out B-E-Y.

“And what does that spell?” He swats me at the apex of my thighs, right over my puffy pussy lips.

“Ouch!” I jump, though it doesn’t really hurt that much. “Obey, it spells obey.”


CharlotteCover-smallStranded With Charlotte can be purchased at Amazon and a host of other fine ebook retailers.


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Saturday Sit-Spank – May 19, 2018

In the midst of the American Civil War, scientists in England were helping the Confederates build a new secret weapon. Emily Tidwell is dispatched to spy on the experiments for the Union. As you might expect, she encountered some difficulties. In this snippet, she is learning what an English proper spanking entails…


“Oh-ey,” Janice says when she returns and sees me, “what happened to you?”

“Lieutenant Anderson happened to me.  David and I followed you and Bill, but a mate snagged me to have a conversation with the Lieutenant.”  I wiggle my butt.

“Goodness,” she pokes a finger into the pink flesh, “I’ve not been that bright shade for nearly a year now.”

“You get spanked?”

“Oh-ey, for certainty.  Mrs. Howe – the house manager – likes to give us girls smacks on the bum with her paddle when she spies us neglecting our work and Mr. Blackwater – he’s the butler – doles out a proper punishment when he sees fit.”

“What exactly is a proper punishment?” I ask having heard this exact term for the second time tonight.

“On the bare…the bare butt with either a leather strap or a cane.”

“OUCH!” I exclaim remembering Mother’s bare bottom whipping that afternoon I first laid with Jack.

“Indeed, ya get one of those from Mr. Blackwater if you so much as wink at a bloke while at the manor.  That’s why I enjoy these adventures so much.”  She does a little dance spin in the tight space between the bunks.  “It will be a year or more before I get a bloke poke between my thighs again.”

“Oh, so you don’t…do this…all the time?”


The Counterfeit Confederate is available from:


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Some thoughts on the day…

This is another one of those damnable times when…

I can’t make up my mind: kiss ’em or tickle ’em.

Puts me in mind of Susan’s first date with Dave in Disciplined Date. You can read this story too.


Finally, I got up the nerve to confess. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never actually done this before. I don’t really know what to do.”

He chuckled. “Ah, a virgin. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” We both chuckled. He was gentle as he unbuckled my sandal straps and slipped them off. He massaged the soles of my feet for a minute with his thumbs, and my pussy leapt awake. She quickly wanted to know if we could change the answer about our expectation for sexual intercourse. Ignoring my wet pussy, I remained silent. He softly wrapped my feet, each in its own warm moist towel.

Kneeling on the floor, he continued to massage my feet through the moist towels. After a couple of minutes he removed the towel from my left foot and again massaged its sole with his thumbs. I rolled my head back in ecstasy when his fingers caressed each tiny toe individually. My clit again announced her request and I consoled her with assurances that there would be a second date. I would change my answer on the questionnaire: sexual intercourse would be a nine next time.


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Party with Breanna Hayse

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Billion Dollar Daddies – Lonnie 2

With identical twin Daddy Doms, Lonnie faces Double the Trouble and Twice the Fun!
Game Plan and Whip Master Series presents Billion Dollar Daddies: Lonnie: Book 2
A Little Girl’s Dream becomes a Big Girl’s Reality
Note: This new fictional series is brought to you by the author who birthed the Age-Play phenomena, Breanna Hayse. As a BDSM/AP lifestyler, she ensures that the reader enjoys the dynamic in the way it exists in real life. If you haven’t read realistic AP literature, or believe it’s not your cup of tea, give this book a try. You might be surprised at what you find inside this full-length novel!
Graye Manor is known throughout the BDSM community for producing the best trained, specialty submissives in the world, and caters to matching these ladies with the perfect partner to guarantee a Happily-Ever-After. But what happens to those girls who aren’t accepted into the program, especially those naturally pulled toward an age-play dynamic? They are matched with Billionaire Daddy Doms… and rarely just one…
After a rocky beginning, Lonnie is finally free to live her Happily-Ever-After with her identical twin Daddy Doms, Max and Mik Tohler. In addition, Dorian and Meredith Graye, and her future mother-in-law, step into her life and give her the love of a family that she’s longed for.
Princess rooms, tea parties, and a surprise trip to a very special house at Mt. Shasta encouraged the emergence of her ‘Tween’ and all the sass, trouble and attitude that comes with the title. Spurred on by her Daddy Doms, Lonnie explores the wants and needs of her long-neglected inner child; but when she slips into her ‘adult’ mode, her womanly desires are awakened. Her innocence and vulnerability are tested when the twins plan a surprise that takes her to ‘The Lair’ in San Francisco and the unique playroom. There her eyes are opened to another level of sensuality, trust, and love. She also faces a fear she can’t ignore, and an object of past abuse. Can she summon the courage to face a terror of long-ago and clear the path for future joy, or will she do what comes naturally and run?
Max and Mik are as opposite as they are the same. One is creative and spontaneous while the other is controlling and disciplined, yet through the woman they share, the twins’ strengths and weakness blend together. They soon discover Lonnie’s presence brings out the fun-loving banter and play that a past betrayal stripped from their lives. She turns their world upside down and, with that, they learn the freedom of creative control—when it comes to both discipline and the bedroom!
Together, Max and Mik give Lonnie what she needs the most. She is spoiled, and disciplined, and her life is filled with more love and care than she knows how to handle. Yet, an obstacle seems to be waiting at every turn, and she starts to question her decisions. After all the turmoil, jealousy, insecurities and fears are exposed, the choice to make the relationship a permanent commitment has to be made. The last thing she wants is to hurt the men that saved her life and offered a second chance at happiness, but she’s learned the hard way that everything good comes with a hefty, and usually painful, price.
Publisher’s Note: This book, the characters, court scenes, etc is FICTION. Please sit back and enjoy a story for what it is–  Entertainment and fun!
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