Victorian Fiction, with a dose of facts

Truth is stranger than fiction. Truth enhanced with some fiction spice is a great adventure.

Take for example the case of the sewer worker who found the underground entrance to the gold bullion vault in the Bank of England. Take this story and spice it with a Lady Detective and a bit of spanking, and voilà — you have Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson.


I again followed.

This opened into a small room nearly identical to the cellar room below Barnet House and the man was already stepping up a short stone stairway to stand upon a small landing. However, the landing appeared to be a dead end. Not to be thwarted, the man began removing a stone from the wall, using a tool from his bag. Placing this stone on the landing floor, he set to work removing another. Shivering, I watched him remove thirty stones over the course of the next half-hour, placing the stones on the floor in a specific pattern so he could easily replace them in the exact reverse order. Thus he created a space large enough for him to pass through. Once again he disappeared into the opening and I crept up the stairway to look closer. As before, while his dim light was gone I could see absolutely nothing until I reached the pile of stones by the hole through which he had passed. I could then see his dim light as I poked my head through the small hole.

My heart nearly stopped dead when I saw him removing a brick of solid gold from a pile on the other side of the wall. I had never before seen such brilliant pure gold, but knew instantly what it was. Then he removed another and replaced the stolen gold bars with plain stone bricks from his bag. He had obviously removed several of these on previous trips and replaced them with plain stone bricks as was evident by their positions within the pile.

With a burst of clarity I suddenly understood completely.


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Saturday Spanking — May 15, 2021


Cowgirl Thrill Rider is a Roaring ‘20s western, penned by Sahalie Blue and myself (Sterling Scott), is filled with thrills, spills, and spanked bottoms.

As the story unfolds, successful rodeo bronc rider, Polly, joins a Wild West Show. Arriving at the encampment, she meets her new roomie, Lulu. Now, Lulu has a few things to teach our young, sheltered heroine. Let’s start with the thrills of an erotic spanking…


Lowering her voice, Lulu leaned toward Polly, and confided, “Spankin’ Jack’s sweet on me. Know how I know?” Lulu didn’t wait for a response before continuing. “He spanks me on my bare butt using his hand. Every few slaps, his fingers reach in to touch me down there.” She pointed to her pussy.

“Oh,” Polly murmured, her cheeks turning pink in embarrassment. She had never been touched down there. Her Ma and Pa had spanked her plenty of times, but never on the bare. She recalled the day the sheriff had spanked Hannah, and wondered if he would have yanked her skirt down if Polly had not been there. On one shoulder, a tiny angel warned Polly that it was totally improper for anyone besides her husband to see her bare bottom. On her other shoulder, a small forked-tail devil confided that having a man’s hand smacking her naked buns would be very exciting. Turning her attention to the naughty voice, Polly imagined being bent over a man’s knee while a strong hand pelted her, his fingers grazing her lady bits. The puffy folds between her legs swelled and began throbbing. She recalled Lulu’s earlier assurance that the guys in the camp were mostly gents.

“And then Jack holds me on his lap and kisses me. Mm, it’s almost worth it to miss a few shots.” Lulu giggled.


Cowgirl Thrill Rider is FREE with Kindle Unlimited:

The golden age of rodeo for a Nebraska cowgirl.

Polly Duffy had learned to ride horses almost before she could walk. She loves to ride more than anything. In 1916, at age fourteen, she enters a steer riding contest at the local county fair and wins, never to look back. She becomes addicted to the thrill of the ride be it relay races, bronc busting or steer riding.

Her pioneer mother wants a better life for her daughter since she believes a woman’s place is far from the rodeo arena. But Polly is determined to ‘cowgirl up’ – to step up to the challenge, and prove that she can ride that ornery, bucking bronc despite being a diminutive female.

Polly’s riding skills bring her to the attention of Texas Jack, a Wild West show promoter. She joins his traveling show in 1920, where she meets champion steer wrestler and bronc rider Buck Delmar. Polly is determined to make it big herself and, with the help of immigrant Cossack trick riders, soon becomes a talented, famous performer, thrilling audiences with her death-defying stunts on horseback.

She and Buck later join the rodeo circuit, where she competes in trick riding. The hardest, most dangerous, tricks earn the most prize money. As her addiction to the thrill of winning – and the money – grows, she risks reputation and virtue, while putting her life in jeopardy.

Can Buck help her achieve her dreams with his loving guidance and discipline?

Note: This sweet, spirited romantic western contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit love scenes.

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Toe Tickle Thursday — May 13, 2021

Get her boots off and…

Kiss that cowgirl’s toes!


Cowgirl Thrill Rider

Polly and Buck join the rodeo circuit where she thrills the audience. Between her death defying stunts and Buck’s steer wrestler and bronc rider, they fall in love and get married. It’s Polly’s wedding night and…


As he turned, he saw her silky slip in a shimmering pool on the floor. His eyes traversed the length of her body. She wore only shoes, stockings, which were held up by her suspender belt, and fancy silk bloomers. Her breasts, now bared to him, were small and firm; her nipples were rosy and pink. He wanted to flick them with his fingers and lick them with his tongue.

“You are so beautiful,” he praised.

She blushed, and pointed to the dark blue garter nestled above her left knee. “Um, this is for you.” She chuckled. “It’s a gift from Lulu.”

“That girl sure does have good taste.”

Easing her into a chair, he dropped to his knees. First one, then the other, he removed her shoes. Tantalizing, he slid the garter down her leg. He lifted her foot, and slowly traced his finger along the sole in a teasing caress.

She giggled and twitched her foot.

He removed the garter and tossed it aside. One leg at a time, he undid the suspender clasps holding her stockings up and slowly rolled them down. As he pulled them off her feet, he couldn’t help but admire her tiny toes. He imagined nibbling on each one.

Her body trembled.

Cowgirl Thrill Rider, the best bronc rider there is. Available from Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Or read the first chapter by clicking here.


Red Shoe Day — May 12, 2021

Do you ever get that feeling…

…that feeling she wants to be spanked?

Teenage girl seeks older man to love and dominate her.

A recently divorced computer tech meets an eighteen year old girl as she begins her first job. Surprisingly she asks him out on a date. And then… Let’s just say, they hit it off.


I had been intrigued with her ample mounds from the moment I had watched her strip off her shirt. Most of my girlfriends had been medium or small breasted. I didn’t mind. “Anything more than a mouthful is a waste,” my step-father had repeatedly said. This was a bit surprising because my mother, his wife, was also well endowed. I had dated one girl, many years ago, who was well graced, but Lynn’s breasts were probably bigger.

She held her own hair, pulling her head back. With her eyes closed, her mouth fell open in a big ‘O’ shape. I wondered if she knew how to suck dick, but for the moment I concentrated on her mounds.

“Oh,” she moaned, as I massaged the thick, firm flesh through the thin fabric of her swimsuit. The material was unable to constrain her nipples as they hardened.

I wanted to pull down the top of her swimsuit, but it had shoulder straps. I would have to release her arms from the semi-bondage to accomplish the task, and I wasn’t ready to do this. Instead, I kissed the nape of her neck. I sucked, knowing it would leave a hickey which she would have to explain. It was somehow exciting to mark my woman. I caressed her belly as my hands moved lower. I cupped her Venus with my right hand. As I had expected, she her mons was a handful.

She opened her legs to allow me to explore.

I pressed two fingers under the elastic of the suit’s leg hole. She gasped as I tangled my fingers in her curly hairs. My cock screamed to be released.

“Daddy…” she whispered.

I could only imagine what fantasy was running through her mind, but I decided to get into the game.

“Does Daddy need to spank his naughty girl?” I asked. Her eyes fluttered. For a moment I wondered if she was thinking she had bitten off more than she could chew.

But then, she whispered, “Yes, Daddy, I need a spanking.”

I eased backward, guiding her to follow. When my calves touched the side of the bed, I sat down. I pulled her across my lap. I brought her arms around and pinned her hands behind her back with my left hand. With my right hand, I gently swatted her generous derriere. I concentrated on the pasty white skin which the swimsuit did not cover.

She moaned and wiggled. She tugged, trying to free her hands, but she did not try very hard. Had she been of a mind to escape me, she would have had no difficulty. Her writhing hips excited my cock into a full blown erection. I sensed she knew exactly what she was doing. What she probably lacked in practical experience, she made up for with her exotic book learning.

“Oh, Daddy… Oh, Daddy,” she moaned.


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Try something new…

This Thursday, let’s try something new….

a new position perhaps?

Check out the fun with my Victorian characters as they study the Kama Sutra.

This excerpt is from Arsenic and the Socialite:

During her visits, he had her read from the Kama Sutra. Bill instructed her read about the fine points of embracing, kissing, and other types of touching, to heighten sexual arousal in both the man and the woman. This increased tension and arousal before the actual penetration amplified the intensity of their climaxes. On one such visit, he had her read about spanking. This was not for pain and punishment, but for stimulation before love making. “There is no keener means of increasing passion,” she read silently from the book.

Bill demonstrated the sensual spanking by taking her over his knee. Spreading her thighs, he pressed his knee against her mons. His lightly stinging swats on her bare bottom pulsated through her, and her cunny bounced against the hardness of his leg. She found that the ancient book was correct. When he later used his fingers to bring her to climax, it was one of the most powerful and satisfying orgasms she had ever experienced.

However, he did not use the sensual spanking as a prelude to penetrating her.


Arsenic and the Socialite is set in 1857 Scotland where a man has been murdered — poisoned. This story introduces my new series: Lady Strangways Affairs. The investigation uncovers that the man had a wife, a fiancé, and a lover.  Who poisoned him?

Rich in history, you will delve between the sheets of the Victorian era. Loaded with sexy intrigue, I’m sure you will enjoy this adventure. Maybe you will learn some new techniques from the Kama Sutra, too.

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Rose has a problem – A BIG problem

In July of 1890, the young woman rides the stagecoach from her secluded home to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Her stated purpose is to participate in the celebrations welcoming the newest state in the Union. However, her true intention is to find a suitable husband among the available men in the wealthy metropolis.

However, she catches the attention of not one, but two suitors.

During their adventures together, Randall and Jackson open her eyes to surprising experiences in love, and they both show her that she needs a husband who is willing and able to apply a firm hand to her bottom. Their spankings not only render control of her rebellious disposition, they also awaken her sexual desires.


They reached the unoccupied stable stalls. Piles of straw and bales of hay were all around the place. Randall bent Rose over a hay bundle with her behind up in the air. Its flat surface provided the correct height and prime angle for a thorough swatting session. He planted his left hand in the center of her back to immobilize her. The dry hay felt scratchy against her belly.

Jackson retrieved the paddling straps. Each was two inches wide and a foot and a half long, terminating in a wooden handle. He handed one to Randall, who accepted it with glee.

“OH NO—oh no you don’t!” Rose cried.

“Oh, yes, we do,” Randall answered, slow and cool.

Jackson smiled deviously and warmed to this rare occasion. “All right, let’s get started before somebody comes.” He unfastened her gaucho pants and pulled them down. He opened and lowered her drawers. “Turnabout is fair play,” he said when her bare bottom was fully exposed—her skin still moist, with a peach hue from the hot spring water.

Randall issued the first three spanks from his powerful arm—SMACK—SMACK— SMACK—each tracing a fresh red stripe on her left butt cheek.




And then – and then — Before she can decide whom to marry, a dark specter comes between them. This new man plays a winner-takes-all game.

More information is available by clicking here.

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