Saturday Spanking — February 23, 2019

How about a murder mystery? The Disciplined Date is a who-done-it surrounding a fetish dating service. Someone is not only spanking the customers, he is murdering them…


He smiled and removed my right sandal. I lay back on the bed as he held my heel and massaged my toes. He kissed my toes. My pussy oozed, but my thumb again touched the panic button.

“Is this the way you like it?” he softly asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” I sighed.

Sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed, he raised my bound feet to his shoulders. My knees fell open and my dress slid down to reveal my red satin panties. I wondered if the wet spot in the gusset material was visible. He kissed each foot’s arch. Lying on my back moaning, I stretched my arms above my head and twisted my torso from side to side. One of his fingers found my clit through my wet panties.

“Are you going to come?”

“I think so.” I softly sigh.

He stopped. Gripping the cord binding my feet, he pulled the slack taut and lifted my feet high into the air. My dress fell away, exposing my red panty-covered bottom. “Yes Daddy,” he snarled, and lightly slapped the bottoms of my feet. “Say it,” and he spanked my feet again.

“Yes, Daddy,” I quickly said, as my pending climax promptly faded.

Another smack, not painful, just firm. “Again!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He tugged the backside of my panty’s elastic waistband down just enough to bare my butt, but not enough to expose my sex. I had dropped the panic button and my hand searched for it. He spanked my bare fanny for half a dozen more swats.

“Yes, Daddy,” I responded after each lightly stinging smack.


Disciplined Date – The Spanking Murders – is available from:

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Saturday Spanking — February 16, 2019

This week, with the winter chill finding my doorstep, I am posting a snippet from Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson. In this story, Margaret Rowan in a young female detective assigned to determine how Countess Baronet is stealing. Getting caught spying has its consequences…


After the three day hiatus from my spying task, I began to take every opportunity to observe her ladyship’s demeanor with respect to things she appeared to keep hidden. It was my expectation that I should be able to find where she recorded her income and expenses, for surely she must have some manner of tracking these funds. From these records I anticipated that I could discern their source. Whenever I was certain that I was alone and unobserved, I would leaf through the papers and notebooks in her desk and dressing table drawers. This endeavor was simplified when the countess found favor with me and implored me to begin addressing her as Lady Ann. This favoritism was not due to my exemplary cleaning skills, but upon her awareness of my skill with the application of her facial cosmetics and arrangement of her hair. These were the skills that I had acquired from my attendance of the schools selected by my father for the education befitting the daughter of the Minister of Metropolitan Police.

Notwithstanding the advantage of this small escalation in my household class status – as I was no longer its lowest member; this honor having been returned to Lucy – rather the principle advantage of Lady Ann’s favor was to afford me opportunities to enter the upper floor without an express purpose. Through these endeavors I had located where she kept her receipts within her writing desk. While these did detail her major purchases of jewelry and household inventory totaling a significant sum, there were no records relating to her income. I had observed that Lady Ann never allowed either Lucy or me to enter her closet unescorted. Therefore, this secretive place intrigued me and upon searching her ladyship’s closet, I found a small strong box. Using a hairpin, I released its lock to reveal a tidy sum in coinage and Bank of England notes. However, this sum was nowhere near that represented by her ladyship’s expenditures and no bank deposit books were found. I returned everything the way I had found it and began to examine other items on the closet floor, whereupon I identified a loose board in the flooring. Prying up this board revealed a second strong box, and due to its enhanced secure location it was not locked. Inside was a substantial collection of valuable jewelry, but no additional cash or bank papers. This too was returned to its hiding place.

“What are you doing, hussy?” Mrs. Davenport’s sharp voice stabbed me in the back.

Quickly standing and assuming the posture directed by Sir Anthony, I said, “Ma’am, I only wished to please her ladyship and was merely cleaning the items on the floor, as when last I retrieved her ladyship’s boots I noticed that they had acquired a significant layer of dust.” I displayed my dusty fingers as some evidence for this deception.

“You clean what I say to clean. If her ladyship wanted her closet cleaned then I would have told you to clean it.” She removed the paddle from its pocket and without further instructions I lifted the hem of my frock and opened my drawers before prostrating myself across the arm of Lady Ann’s dressing chair. The discovery of the hidden strong boxes came at a price.

Mrs. Davenport administered ten firm smacks with her paddle, but my compliance to her punishment without complaint or additional command from her had worked to lessen her ire. Thus, the smacks were only a stinging reminder of what she could have done to my tender rump, had she been so inclined. If I learned nothing else during the past few days, I learned that bratty complaints and arguments only made a bad situation worse.

I must persevere and determine the nature of Lady Ann’s crimes. I must to earn Captain Stuart’s approval.


To see how Miss Rowan’s lesson progress, and to learn how she catches her woman, read Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson.

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Hard at work….

My editor considers how to…

Straighten my dangling participle.

We are working on Book 4 of the Passion Quest series. For now, it is titled Love and the Spaceman.

This book documents the final quest for Earth

Dr. Amy Toller is on her final quest for peace in the Galaxy – her last chance to find Earth. On the third planet orbiting an uncharted star, the team of alien anthropologists discovers a remnant of humans who escaped Earth 2,000 years in the past. Before she can learn the secrets they harbor, the team from the Starcruiser Wilhelm must save the humans from a destruction unleashed by their own atomic experiments.

In this scene, a young alien anthropologist has been collecting fossils. But {{butt}, she has put the mission at risk. I bet you know what happens when someone does that…


Alivia heard the whistle as the unbreathable air in the shuttle was exchanged for oxygen. She turned toward Dan, but he was hunched over the console. When he opened his helmet, she opened hers and inhaled the familiar scent of the spacecraft’s interior.

“I’m sorry I made us late,” she said. “But, it was really important.”

He turned. “You knew the rules when you went outside. You broke the rules. Sorry doesn’t cut it.”

“So, what do we do now?”

“We sit here and wait for the next window.”

“How long is that?”

“Just about the right amount of time for me to administer your discipline,” he said, with a snarl in his tone.


“Yes, I’m the captain of this little tub, and you will submit for the punishment I deem necessary.” He swiveled the seat around and patted his knees. “You, being an alien anthropologist, know better than anyone why this must be done. Obedience to commands from your superior and adherence to regulations are essential for a ship’s company to survive in the depths of space.”


“Yes, Miss Alivia, it is time to bare your butt for a spanking. If you give me no more trouble about this, then I will explain to Captain Osimov that we were detained by a malfunction and this will go no further. Of course, you can refuse my discipline. In that case, I will refer the matter to Osimov. I’m certain you know what she will do about it.” He sighed. “If you are lucky, you will merely be banned from ever leaving the Wilhelm again, until we return to Eden. If you catch her in a bad mood…” He left the potential punishment unsaid.

“I’m sorry,” she said, again. “It is a very important fossil.”

“I don’t doubt that. Discipline is important too. Shall we be about it?” Again, he patted his knee. “Please bare your bottom.”

Alivia considered her options and found there were none. She removed the spacesuit and touched the stud under her jumpsuit collar. The material relaxed, and she reached back to open the flap over her bottom. She bent over Dan’s knees and waited.

He smacked her butt again and again.


While this book is being completed, you can catch up on the adventures found in the Passion Quest series. Click {here} to view the collection.

Saturday Spanking — February 9, 2019

Two years ago, Sahalie Blue and I penned this anthology of five stories: A Sterling Maid For You. The book is filled with sexy naughty maids. In this excerpt from To Catch A Maid, Tanya, prepares to disciple a maid accused of stealing…


Gary Grant watched as Mrs. Sterling took a deliberately long time tugging on the elastic leg-holes of Kelly’s panties. She pulled on the black fabric until its shape matched the suntan lines on Kelly’s bottom.

Kelly doesn’t use a tanning salon.

After a final pat, as though judging the distance to her target, Tanya began light smacks on the taut surface of Kelly’s panties with the wooden spoon.

Gary’s cock pulsed with the sound of the first impact. He watched Kelly’s almond-shaped eyes squeeze shut. He knew from their previous conversations that her mother was Japanese. He had always enjoyed how she favored her mother’s ethnicity with her heart-shaped face and nearly jet-black hair. However, her eyes were those of her father’s with a bluish-green color. Gary had always been fascinated by her exotic appearance.

Oh, so pretty and quietly attractive.

She had told him that her father had been an American Marine stationed on Okinawa. Her parents had married in Japan, but she had been born in Fresno, California.

Kelly grimaced, but made no sound. Mark and Gary shifted to the edge of their seats as though watching their favorite football team line up on the five-yard-line for a rush into the end zone. Tanya continued her metered whacking of Kelly’s bottom. As Gary had often noticed,

Kelly’s skimpy maid’s uniform had left little of her trim body to the imagination. However, as she was now more scantily dressed, Gary found the rhythmic tension and release of her never before seen butt muscles to be a mesmerizing sight.


A Sterling Maid For You is available from:

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Blushing Books


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