Masturbation Monday — Feb 27th

OMG – this is too good to pass up.

63b62eb0e11f37c67177efb74ab3775eRecent {informal} survey found that across gender and sexuality, 39 percent of Americans masturbate while on the job. What a way to pass the time. And I thought hanging out at the water cooler was pushing the envelope.

….“It was usually to cure my massive hangover,” one gent replied.


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Saturday Sit-Spank – Feb. 25th

Another taste of history – in 1855 four daring thieves stole £12,000 worth of gold from the Folkestone train. It was as though the gold had vanished between London and Paris, and Scotland Yard had no clues. My book, Margaret and the Train Robbers, my lady detective traces the path used by the actual detective to apprehend the villains.  However, there are some differences {wink}. In this snippet, Margaret is working her way into the trust of her prime suspect…


After allowing me a half hour and another snifter of brandy to regain my composure, he positions me draped over the foot rail of the bed. He retrieves his cane and toys with me as he swishes it through the air, and then teasingly taps my bottom several times with it.

“Please, sir, while you may do what you wish, your humble servant begs that you consider a different implement to punish her.” I try one last time to forego the pain of his cane, though I know that I must endure whatever he presents to encourage him to show me the gold.

14433143_310190786023301_5545834073405902059_n“Not today, my dearest Marge. I’ve waited too long for this pleasure.” Lady Barnet had cheated him of his last attempt to cane me.

The first CRACK is surely the worst and I scream for the second time since entering his bedroom. I hold my position and remain silent – gripping the bed sheet – through the following burning hot five CRACKS of the cane upon my soft fanny. When he finishes, he stands me nude before the mirror and while tears stream down my face I examine the welted stripes across my swollen butt – six evenly spaced parallel lines.

“My best work, I do believe,” he says, pinching my fanny’s left cheek while admiring his artwork.

Pulling back the covers from the bed, he lays me on my side and hands me the refilled brandy glass. “This will help,” he says and I pull several long sips. After finishing the wine, I feign sleep. I allow the glass to slip from my fingers and gently drop to the floor. Slowly, I roll onto my belly.

15349805_10157761326255043_2123309978670748559_nA half hour or so passes before I become aware that he is dressing. As he quietly slips through the bedroom door, I roll from the bed and search in the dark for my clothes. At first I attempt to pull on my chemise and drawers, but I quickly decide that too much time is passing and I will lose track of him. So I slip naked into the dark hall.



Margaret and the Train Robbers is the second book in my Lady Detective Series. This can be obtained from:

Blushing Books


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Saturday Sit-Spank and Fun History Facts – Feb 18th

You’ve heard of the Nobel Peace Prize, eh? Well, did you know that Alfred Nobel’s father, Immanuel Nobel, was a Swedish engineer who developed such things as plywood and underwater mines? Not the kind of mines where you dig things up, but the kind that explodes and sinks ships. He built them for the Russians who used them to protect their harbors from British invasion during the Crimean War.

Also, the Confederates used the mines to protect Southern harbors from Union invasion during the American Civil War. However, the Union skippers soon learned how to pass through the mine fields without detonating them.

Now, enter Matthew Maury. He was a very accomplished American scientist that you have probably never heard of. He studied a variety of things, most notably oceanography. Maury had worked on the first Transatlantic telegraph cable. The reason you have never heard of him, is because he joined the Confederate Navy. When they lost the War, he hid in Mexico under a cloud of shame.

But, I’m getting ahead of my story.

Using his knowledge of transmitting electricity underwater, Maury developed an electrically detonated underwater mine known as a “torpedo”. Using these, the South defended their ports from Union attack – most notably – Mobile Bay.

Now, we get to the point of this article.

Maury developed his invention while living in England, which was very pro-Confederate during the War. My story, Counterfeit Confederate, is about a Union spy sent to learn the secret of the torpedoes so that Admiral Farragut would know to give the order –“Damn the torpedoes, Full speed ahead”.

So, my character, Emily Tidwell, has been observed prying the secrets from Mr. Maury and …


My cock veritably leaps from my trousers at the suggestion that I might be the one to spank the young woman’s bare fanny. The image of me being seated on her bed, while she lies across my lap, instantly forms in my mind. I imagine my fingers lifting her hem to expose her stockinged legs and drawers. After a moment of admiration, I will untie the ribbon and release the two halves of her drawers, exposing her bare alabaster fanny to my closest hamiltonx400-1scrutiny. She will surely gasp and shiver with the exposure. ‘Miss Tidwell,’ I will say, ‘to spare you the full intensity of my means I will forgo the paddle and use only my hand, however you can expect no additional quarter from me.’ She will plead for mercy and I will smack her firmly and say, ‘Silence! This is what is due to you.’ She will squirm and shiver her hips over my cock as I mercilessly alternate spanking the round cheeks of her bottom. Ultimately, she will be unable to contain her misery and cry out upon which I will say, ‘Cry out if you must. I understand that this punishment is more than14102683_10157259797700043_1713734851390203230_n you could ever endure in silence. Take solace as no one can hear your shrieks.’ I won’t quit until she is completely overcome and her struggles open her legs revealing the slit between her thighs. I will watch her flower open and when I gaze upon the pink entrance to her womanhood my firm rod will flow forth its seed and only then will I stop her punishment.



Counterfeit Confederate can be obtained from:

Blushing Books,


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Saturday Sit-Spank — Feb 11th

Sahalie Blue and I have a new book out this week. This anthology of five stories is titled A Sterling Maid For You and is filled with sexy naughty maids. In this excerpt from Maid in a Tub, Mr. Sterling is gathering the details from maid Madison while his wife, Tanya, prepares the spanking implements…


“I, um, oh gosh.” She took another large gulp while he stared at her. His face took on a fatherly softness which encouraged her to continue. “Your wife… Mrs. Sterling… she didn’t tell you?” Madison stammered.

“Not the details. Please, you tell me,” he said, as though inquiring about some detail of her school homework.

woman-bathing-1Madison took a deep breath. “I was, ah, cleaning Mr. McPhillips’ house. He has a huge bathtub.” She made a nervous gesture with her arms spread wide. “It was the end of a long day and I was tired,” she sighed as though reliving the event. “I—I thought I’d take a bath to relax.” She took a breath and then quickly added, “No one was home. Then,” she shrugged her shoulders, “Mrs. Sterling caught me.”

“That doesn’t sound so terribly bad,” Mark stated. He took a sip of his water.

“Well, I think it’s what I was doing in the tub that got me in trouble.”

Mark shifted to the edge of his seat. His eyes dilated. “Do go on.”

“Uh, well, after I filled the big tub with steamy hot water I-I retrieved my vibrator from my purse.”

He chuckled and asked, “Do you always carry your vibrator around with you?”

Sheepishly she looked away. “No, I had been at my boyfriend’s the night before and he…” She coughed. “That-that’s not important.” The swelling of her pussy became uncomfortable and she uncrossed her legs. She tugged down the hem of her short skirt to keep the valley between her thighs covered. “Anyway, I got in the tub and lay down to relax.”



asterlingmaidforyou_smallA Sterling Maid For You can be purchased from

Blushing Books

And Amazon.


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His Outlaw Daddy by Jane Henry

Just yesterday, I was riding down that long, boring I-95. Fortunately, I had Jane Henry to keep me alert.

His Outlaw Daddy is a dark western romance pits spoiled brat young woman against a hardened stern outlaw. Alda is kidnapped by Cole. While he holds her for ransom, he demands her strict obedience so that he can keep her safe from the other outlaws. While he demands that she call him “Daddy”, this is the only age-play element to the story. However, the ransom plan breaks down. As it twists and turns, it becomes clear that there is more involved in Jane Henry’s plot than the outlaw’s simple nefarious extortion.

I listened to the book while driving, and Ken Solin’s narration was excellent. His voice inflection changes for the various characters were always clear and understandable.

Amidst spankings, sex, and shootouts, this was a captivating read that kept me wide awake on my travels.

untitledThe audiobook is available Audible.

And the Kindle version at Amazon.