Toe Tickle Thursday — October 21, 2021

Get her boots off and…

Kiss that cowgirl’s toes!


Cowgirl Thrill Rider

Polly and Buck join the rodeo circuit where she thrills the audience. Between her death defying stunts and Buck’s steer wrestler and bronc rider, they fall in love and get married. It’s Polly’s wedding night and…


As he turned, he saw her silky slip in a shimmering pool on the floor. His eyes traversed the length of her body. She wore only shoes, stockings, which were held up by her suspender belt, and fancy silk bloomers. Her breasts, now bared to him, were small and firm; her nipples were rosy and pink. He wanted to flick them with his fingers and lick them with his tongue.

“You are so beautiful,” he praised.

She blushed, and pointed to the dark blue garter nestled above her left knee. “Um, this is for you.” She chuckled. “It’s a gift from Lulu.”

“That girl sure does have good taste.”

Easing her into a chair, he dropped to his knees. First one, then the other, he removed her shoes. Tantalizing, he slid the garter down her leg. He lifted her foot, and slowly traced his finger along the sole in a teasing caress.

She giggled and twitched her foot.

He removed the garter and tossed it aside. One leg at a time, he undid the suspender clasps holding her stockings up and slowly rolled them down. As he pulled them off her feet, he couldn’t help but admire her tiny toes. He imagined nibbling on each one.

Her body trembled.

Cowgirl Thrill Rider, the best bronc rider there is. Available from Amazon and FREE with Kindle Unlimited. Or read the first chapter by clicking here.


Masturbation Monday — October 18, 2021

Now that school is back in session…

Moms everywhere are exploring new options.


Consider some Steampunk Adventure

Our self exploring heroine for the week is getting ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. Little does she know, as her fingers seek out her Venus, that she will soon be immersed in the planet of pleasure. This excerpt is from Rescuing Diana


BotticelliSmallThat night, Diana’s mind raced with excitement. Sir Thorsby had been persuaded to agree to his sister’s plan. Herbert and John were indeed accompanying them to London. Diana could not find sleep as visions of London danced in her head. She had not been to the great city for two years. With the memory of John’s kiss on her mind, she used her fingers to caress her lady parts. Recalling the twitch of his cock against her belly pushed her over the edge. The fullness of pleasure finally allowed her to relax into slumber.




RescuingDianaCoverThis Victorian Science Fiction story is reminiscent of those written by my idol, H. G. Wells. See if you can spot his cameo appearance. The book is available from:

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An Affair to Remember

Here is a sample from  The Pilmico Affair. This is the fourth story in the Lady Detective series, but it is completely standalone.  In this excerpt, 18 year old Adelaide has returned for her final year at the Belgium girls’ school. Upon arrival, she is examined by the school nurse…


When her turn with the school nurse arrived, Adelaide shed her smock and lay nude on the examination table. She had become accustomed to the intrusion of the nurse’s fingers. After examining her general health, the woman’s fingers tapped Adelaide’s bushy mons which was the signal for her to open her legs. Pulling the heels of her feet to her bottom, Adelaide opened her knees wide to expose her most private parts. However, at the school she had long ago learned that she had no privacy. After confirming that her virginity was intact, the nurse tweaked her clit and asked, “Have you been abusing this little fancy article?”
“No, mum.” As she always did, Adelaide lied. After the frequent lectures from the nuns on the need for purity, she had tried to stop. However, the fullness of pleasure her body afforded often called to her. Of course, she never self-polluted at the school. During her first year, she had learned – the hard way – to keep her hands away from her mons. The third-year girls were always on the watch for first and second-year girls who self-stimulated. Notations were made in the offending girl’s punishment books and swats were publicly doled out by the mistresses before the evening meal. As a third-year student, Adelaide would be beyond mortified to be paddled in front of the younger girls.


I bet you will enjoy reading the entire story. Here are the venues where it can be purchased:

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Free Fable Friday — October 15, 2021

Oh, yes, now we are ready…


My story, Yes, Mistress Olive, is FREE today!

Mark and Natalie are obsessed with the experiences Mistress Olive provides. Olive Brown oversees a bevy of girls known as the Hollywood Girls Sorority. Drawn by his devotion to Olive, Mark joins the sorority as her boy-toy. However, when Mark is introduced to Natalie, things go in a different direction. The two lost souls find what they are looking for in each other.

D/s bondage tale with F/m, F/f, and M/f


Mark’s adventure into the world of female dominance began with an accident.  As a college freshman, he was attending the fraternity and sorority parties of Rush Week. He wasn’t interested in joining a fraternity, but he really liked the parties. No one checked IDs and they had kegs and kegs of free beer.

Too much beer.

He did not think he had been falling down drunk, but he did fall down. However, it had more to do with the fact he had tripped himself by stepping on his own untied shoelace. Nonetheless, he was at a kegger, he was drunk, and he fell down.

Once he was on the floor, his goal was to quickly regain as much dignity as possible. He wasn’t so drunk as to not know what he was doing. He rolled over onto his back with the intention of sitting up, but when he opened his eyes, the sight froze him.

And this was where the trouble began.

He was staring straight up between the legs of a very shapely woman. She was wearing a short skirt and black pantyhose. The hose were the sheer to the waist variety. Of greatest significance, she was not wearing panties under the hose.


Excerpt Two:

Natalie Treat sipped the last swallow of her morning coffee. She reached for the pot to pour another cup, and then thought better of it. The last thing she needed today was a spontaneously full bladder. She put the cup in the dishwasher and cleaned the kitchen. She surveyed her collection of sex toys arranged on the kitchen table. Satisfied there was something for every erogenous zone, she affixed the bondage straps to the overhead molding.

She checked the time: 9:30 a.m.

The span between the kitchen and the living room in her apartment was framed like an oversized door. There was the overhead molding befitting a double wide door, but there was no door. Sometime back, she had purchased a baby’s jumping seat. This included two clamps, which could be temporarily fastened to the overhead molding of a doorframe, and four straps, two for each clamp, to support the four corners of the bouncing seat. Natalie had cut loose the seat; she only wanted the clamps and straps.

Natalie enjoyed bondage. The sensation of helplessness was her quickest path to an orgasm. In the beginning, she had practiced self-bondage and masturbation. She would insert a vibrator in her cunny, bind her knees together to trap it inside, and wrap the straps around her wrists. This way, she was standing in the doorframe with her legs bound together and her arms stretched high and wide. She was in a self-imposed giant Y position, pretending she was a spy being questioned by a Nazi guard. She would strain at her bondage as the imaginary guard whipped her. She would writhe back and forth as he probed her orifices. She would have a mind-blowing orgasm.


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Toe Tickle Thursday — Bonus Round

This is another one of those damnable times when…

I can’t make up my mind: kiss ’em or tickle ’em.


Like Dave on his first date with Susan in Disciplined Date. , I think I’ll kiss ’em.


Finally, I got up the nerve to confess. “I’m sorry, but I’ve never actually done this before. I don’t really know what to do.”

He chuckled. “Ah, a virgin. Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” We both chuckled. He was gentle as he unbuckled my sandal straps and slipped them off. He massaged the soles of my feet for a minute with his thumbs, and my pussy leapt awake. She quickly wanted to know if we could change the answer about our expectation for sexual intercourse. Ignoring my wet pussy, I remained silent. He softly wrapped my feet, each in its own warm moist towel.

Kneeling on the floor, he continued to massage my feet through the moist towels. After a couple of minutes he removed the towel from my left foot and again massaged its sole with his thumbs. I rolled my head back in ecstasy when his fingers caressed each tiny toe individually. My clit again announced her request and I consoled her with assurances that there would be a second date. I would change my answer on the questionnaire: sexual intercourse would be a nine next time.


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