Saturday Spanking — July 24, 2021

This week’s episode is from my western romance South Pass Brides. In this story, Olga is a widow traveling the Oregon Trail. Thomas is a scout responsible for her and two other widows. As you might imagine, the women have their naughty moments. In the scene below, Olga and Beth are being punished. This is Olga’s second transgression, and her spanking is to be witnessed by the camp. So, Beth has received her spanking, and then…


Immediately the first whack of the paddle landed and Olga shrieked more from the sudden surprise than the pain. However, it did hurt. The subsequent swats followed at a slow rhythmic pace. As Thomas had done before with the switch, he waited for the pain to flood across her sensitive skin between smacks.

As Beth had done before her, Olga could not remain silent past the tenth spank.

“Please, Sir, I am so sorry. It won’t happen again. I will strive to respect everyone,” she spastically pleaded between sobs and swats.

As with Beth, he ignored her.

When she could do nothing more than wail with streams of tears pouring from her eyes, he stopped. Quickly, he pulled her upright and smoothed down her skirt. He clutched her to his chest for a moment, and then held her at arm’s length.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

The same words he used before.

She looked past him and was surprised that no one was watching. She had expected that the entire company of the wagon train would be surrounding them to watch as though they were a circus act or some theatrical performance. However, only those in the nearest camps were present, and they were avoiding looking at her. In the distance, Mr. Hatch was watching, but everyone else was going about their business.

“Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.”

He chuckled. “That’s the second time that you have thanked me for spanking you. I’m beginning to think that you like this.”


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Free Fable Friday — July 23, 2021


For your weekend enjoyment, a short story: Virgin’s Spanking

In my story, a virginal college coed discovers the pleasure of a bare bottom spanking across the lap of her older boyfriend.

Linda offers no assistance – or resistance – as I strip her pants off of her.  I leave her panties in place and give her a T-shirt to sleep in.  Pulling back the bed covers, I tuck her in before stripping off my pants.  She nervously eyes my erection as it protrudes from my boxer short’s fly.  She knows of my desire for her, and how I am resisting my urges.  Climbing into bed, I snuggling up beside her.  We spoon again although this time she is cuddling up against my back as I drift to sleep.

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View from the top

Karen sees the world from a new perspective when she climbed up on the roof. Karen’s story is a segment from Stranded with Charlotte. This book centers around Jon’s journey to Hawaii. The airplane breaks down and the travelers are stranded. To pass the time, his fellow stranded travelers each tell a short story of their own sensual discoveries. Through these tales, they show Jon new perspectives about sex, life, love, and, forgiveness.

Karen’s goes like this:

“What the hell are you doing, Karen?” Jake shouts up to me.

I drag myself away from the edge. Sitting I turn around. I take a deep breath. “I came up looking for you. But, now I can’t get back down.”

“Get away from the edge, and don’t move!” Following his command to me, Jake flies up the ladder. When he gets to me, he sits on the roof beside me. He pulls me into his arms in a giant bear hug. “Are you all right?”

“Ya-yes, just scared.” I begin to cry.

“This is so dangerous. Why did you do it?”

“I don’t know. I’ve seen so many guys scamper up and down; I didn’t think there was anything to it. Getting up was easy.”

He chuckles and strokes my hair. “There-there, Karen, you should not have done that. We practice many times with safety ropes and spotters before ever attempting to climb by ourselves.”

“I’m-I am sorry. I just didn’t think.”

“Yes indeed, you didn’t think. Now, I will help you back down, but first I need to teach you a lesson. You need to learn the importance of thinking before you leap into a dangerous situation.”

“What do you mean?” I wipe my sniffles away with my sleeve.

“I’m going to spank you.”

“Oh, no, you’re not!” My bravado surges.

“Well, it’s like this. You either admit your failing, and take your punishment like a responsible adult, or you get yourself down.” He releases me and stands. I stare blankly at him and he takes a step toward the ladder.

“NO! You can’t leave me here.”

“I explained it to you. Make your choice – now.”

“Uh-uh, okay, you can spank me. But, not too hard.”


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Hump Day — July 21, 2021

Polly knows how to thrill ’em!

Polly and Buck join the rodeo circuit where she thrills the audience. Between her death defying stunts and Buck’s steer wrestler and bronc rider, they fall in love and get married.

I think their wedding night was on a Wednesday…


He growled low in her ear, “Ride me.”

Instinctively, she crawled over and straddled him.

In a voice thick with desire, he taunted her. “Think you can stay on this bronc for longer than eight seconds, little girl?”

She teased back, “You know it. I plan to win the bronc riding championship tonight.”

She positioned herself over his stiff, straining manhood. He wrapped his big, thick hands around her waist and pulled her forward and back, carefully pressing himself inside. She gasped as the hard heat of him filled her.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked in a strangled voice.

“No, it doesn’t hurt. It just feels… different. I feel… full. Mm, fulfilled.”

“Good. ‘Cuz, honey, I gotta tell ya, I can’t hold out much longer.”

She nodded. “Then don’t.”

Given the green light, Buck eased his cock out of her kitty, then moved it in again. She cried out as he picked up the tempo, increasing the force of his thrusts. Every nerve ending in her body tingled. It felt like starbursts were exploding inside, deep within her belly. She leaned over him, grabbed his shoulders, and ground her pussy into his cock. Like a rider on a horse, the newlywed bride rode her husband. They moved together, fast and furious. Suddenly, his cock pulsed deep inside her, flooding her with hot jets of cum. The eruption triggered her second climax. Through a giddy haze, she focused on his face.

Buck. She felt a rush of joy and love—bliss and gratitude—that this man had ridden into her life to stay, forever.


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Two 4 Tuesday — July 20, 2021

Are you bust’n out of quarantine?

I am!

The image of these delectable two is too strong; I cannot leave so quickly. Indeed, I know what to do. Allow me to relive a scene from Undercover With Betty. While attending a spanking party, poor Amanda is about to learn something about herself:


The second shoe sold in a similar fashion.

It was then time for her socks to go. The left one sold for another fifty dollars, and a young man near Amanda’s age stepped to the stage. Betty again steadied Amanda’s hand as she balanced on her right foot. The man lightly pinched her toes with his thumb on the top of her foot, and his fingers stretched along the bottom. She reflexively curled her toes into his palm. While he touched nothing more than her foot, the invading sensations sent electric sparks along her flesh. Her vagina clenched, and she prayed the wetness pooling in her panties would not show. With his other hand, the man rolled the sock down her ankle and over the heel. With his hand gripping her bare heel, he released her toes. His fingers caressed the sole of her foot as he slid the sock the remaining distance to free it.

Amanda’s pussy tingled. Holy Shit! I have a foot fetish, she thought to herself.

Fortunately for Amanda’s sensibility, the second sock sold with less flourish. Standing on the stage barefoot, she felt as though she was already on display in the nude. Her attention was focused on her excited pussy.


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Masturbation Monday – July 19, 2021

Only 60% of women admit to masturbating. Does that mean 40% of women lie about their sex life?

Masturbating is good for you – women who masturbate enjoy much more active, fulfilled sex lives than those who don’t.  Self-loving can actually help you to orgasm during sex because masturbation is way for you to explore how and where you like to be touched and discover your body. Once you know how to make yourself come, it will be easier to guide your partner.

“Here, hold my wine and watch this.”


Try these techniques from Cosmo {click}

Which one is your favorite?

For more ideas, check out my Monday Masturbation page {click}.

Dreaming of the high seas….

The Naked Sea is a fictionalized collection of events that happened to me during my years as a romantic picaroon along the Florida coast.  This book intertwines the tales of my exploitation of hapless women as they succumb to their primal urges when they sail on The Naked Sea.

Sailing at its Best

Follow my travels from St. Augustine to Key Largo to North Bimini and back. Mixed within the erotic tales and descriptions of ocean sailing are historical accounts of exotic locations, a hitherto unpublished version of my brush with drug smugglers, and a clash with Bahamian pirates.  Come aboard my experiences with Julie the Danish exchange student, Heather the Key Largo hooker, Karen the deep diving housewife, and April… well, you will just have to read my yarn to label her.

This story has no spanking and only some sex, but is sexy.


I point the boat due south toward open water.  While the present wind direction makes this course a close hauled tack into the wind, the reciprocal broad reach course will make an easy ride home.  I set the autohelm to steer the boat towards Pickles Reef; there is a light on Molasses Reef a few miles to the east and I will be watching for this marker as the afternoon turns to evening.

“That’s Rodriguez Key,” I point to an island passing along the starboard side.  “It is a protected bird sanctuary; access is restricted.  When I was first here in 1979 the locals called it Monkey Island and there was a plan to raise monkeys there for experimental laboratory use.  But, I don’t think they ever actually did it.”  I give Karen and Janet the tour spiel.

Janet picks up a floatation seat cushion and heads for the bow deck.  Using the cushion as a back rest, she reclines against the cabin roof facing forward.  A minute later I watch as she unfastens the back strap of her bikini top.  She pulls the bra half of her bikini free from her head and hair.

“Janet, that’s not allowed,” I call to her.

Turning to lay on one side, she looks back to me; her exposed breasts unfettered.  “What?” she asks.

“Topless sunbathing,” I continue, “it’s a rule I have…no topless sunbathing is allowed on my boat.  If you take your top off, you must go all the way…au naturel.”  She studies me for a moment, and then I see her squirm and wiggle behind the cabin roof.  Then she holds up the panty half of her bikini and waves it in the wind.  “Yes, that’s better,” I shout back to her over the roar of the wind and rushing water.

Karen studies me for a moment and then says, “That’s not exactly fair.  You are…topless,” she drags a fingernail across my bare chest and then tugs at a tuft of chest hair.  Shrugging, I unzip my shorts and pull them with my underwear off and toss them into the cabin.  I recline on my side along the port cockpit seat.  After a moment of playful reflection, Karen too strips off her bikini and tosses it on top of my shorts on the cabin floor.  She reclines in a parallel posture along the starboard seat.  Smiling her hand drifts along her abdomen to her pubis.  She grins devilishly as her index finger twirls in its brown hair.  I slip from my seat to kneel on the cockpit floor beside her.

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Sunday Morning Spanking

Where you naughty last night?

How about a little butt warming, eh?


A spanking short story

Teenage girl seeks older man to love and dominate her.

A recently divorced computer tech meets an eighteen year old girl as she begins her first job. Surprisingly she asks him out on a date. And then… Let’s just say, they hit it off.


I had been intrigued with her ample mounds from the moment I had watched her strip off her shirt. Most of my girlfriends had been medium or small breasted. I didn’t mind. “Anything more than a mouthful is a waste,” my step-father had repeatedly said. This was a bit surprising because my mother, his wife, was also well endowed. I had dated one girl, many years ago, who was well graced, but Lynn’s breasts were probably bigger.

She held her own hair, pulling her head back. With her eyes closed, her mouth fell open in a big ‘O’ shape. I wondered if she knew how to suck dick, but for the moment I concentrated on her mounds.

“Oh,” she moaned, as I massaged the thick, firm flesh through the thin fabric of her swimsuit. The material was unable to constrain her nipples as they hardened.

I wanted to pull down the top of her swimsuit, but it had shoulder straps. I would have to release her arms from the semi-bondage to accomplish the task, and I wasn’t ready to do this. Instead, I kissed the nape of her neck. I sucked, knowing it would leave a hickey which she would have to explain. It was somehow exciting to mark my woman. I caressed her belly as my hands moved lower. I cupped her Venus with my right hand. As I had expected, she her mons was a handful.

She opened her legs to allow me to explore.

I pressed two fingers under the elastic of the suit’s leg hole. She gasped as I tangled my fingers in her curly hairs. My cock screamed to be released.

“Daddy…” she whispered.

I could only imagine what fantasy was running through her mind, but I decided to get into the game.

“Does Daddy need to spank his naughty girl?” I asked. Her eyes fluttered. For a moment I wondered if she was thinking she had bitten off more than she could chew.

But then, she whispered, “Yes, Daddy, I need a spanking.”

I eased backward, guiding her to follow. When my calves touched the side of the bed, I sat down. I pulled her across my lap. I brought her arms around and pinned her hands behind her back with my left hand. With my right hand, I gently swatted her generous derriere. I concentrated on the pasty white skin which the swimsuit did not cover.

She moaned and wiggled. She tugged, trying to free her hands, but she did not try very hard. Had she been of a mind to escape me, she would have had no difficulty. Her writhing hips excited my cock into a full blown erection. I sensed she knew exactly what she was doing. What she probably lacked in practical experience, she made up for with her exotic book learning.

“Oh, Daddy… Oh, Daddy,” she moaned.


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