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Some F/m from left field

This week, I’m gonna jump off the high-dive into something different. Hang on to your shorts.

A broke college grad student takes a part time job as a hotel desk clerk. He thought his training was complete when he reported for his first shift, but the older women in the hotel had a few more things to teach him.

Leading up to my teaser, the ladies of the evening have been trying to seduce our new desk clerk all night. Finally, they resort to kidnapping…


About an hour before the end of my shift, business was quiet and the three of them were once again in the lobby.  Janet was standing at the desk.  “Are you ready to have some fun?” she asked as she teased me once again.

“Thank you for the offer, but really… no thanks,” I refused her offer as politely as I could one more time.

As she talked, I did not observe Montana and Cindy as they came down the hall behind the desk.  Not only was Montana a large woman, she was very strong.  I’m a nerd not a jock, so she had no trouble coming up behind me and grabbing my arms.

She pulled my arms behind my back and pinned me against the desk.  “Relax Mark,” she calmly said as I began to struggle, “no one is going to hurt you.  We just want to dish out a little bit of newbie hazing.”

Through my grunts, she held my wrists firmly.  Janet came around into the desk area and got the key for room 102 which was behind the desk area.  She opened the door and the other two pushed me inside.

Once the door was closed Montana, still standing behind me and holding my elbows in her vice-like hands, said, “Get his pants down.”  Her voice was firm and commanding.

“NO!” I explosively protested.

Ignoring me, Janet expertly unbuckled my belt.

“Oh no…. OH NO!”

Cindy unbuttoned my trouser waistband.


“Don’t make a fuss Mark, we only want to have a little fun at your expense,” Montana matter-of-factly tried to quiet me down while Cindy and Janet continued unabated, pulling my pants and BVDs to my ankles.

“I told you,” Janet said to Cindy, “boxers.”

While my brain and mouth had been saying ‘no’, my cock was now swelling as it was clearly voting ‘yes’ to whatever they had in mind.

Montana pushed me face down over the edge of the bed and SMACKED by bare butt – HARD.


She did it again – three more times while I squealed, “Stop that… that hurts!”

While she still held me down, Montana moved aside and watched.  Cindy and Janet each took turns spanking me.  Their swats were not nearly as painful as Montana’s though they took more time about it.  They each thoroughly attacked every square inch from thighs to tailbone.  My butt was stinging hot when they finally stopped.

Once again, it was Montana’s turn and she gave me four more HARD smacks while I pleaded, “STOP… OUEEWWOOCH!” with each blazing blow.


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Lost in Space — a different adventure

Here is an excerpt from Rescuing Diana by Sterling Scott

Mrs. Hanover had no qualms about raising the misbehaving young woman’s skirts and paddling her on the bare bottom.

Forcing her diaphragm to move, forcing herself to breathe, Diana gripped the edge of the desk for support as her knees turned to jelly. She waited for the sound that would signal Mrs. Hanover’s arrival.

The drawing room door closed with a dull thud.

Diana closed her eyes and listened to the clacking sound of Mrs. Hanover’s boot heels on the wooden floor.

“Well, once again, you’ve made a fine mess of things,” her governess said.

“Yes, ma’am, I truly am sorry.” Diana knew that no excuse would be listened to and a repentant apology could lessen the intensity of the coming experience. “Madam, the situation developed before I could realize that it was one from which I needed to extricate myself.”

The governess’s response was to lift up the hems of Diana’s skirt and underskirt. Diana felt the cool air as her legs were exposed. When the cool air reached her nether, Diana did as she had done so many times in the past three years; she folded flat over the desk and gripped its far edge with her hands. Mrs. Hanover pressed the skirt cloth over Diana’s back, and then placed a heavy book in the center to hold the material in place.

The book in the center of Diana’s back served two purposes. First, it held the skirt material away from her bare bottom. Second, it was a reminder to Diana to mindfully hold her position. If she wiggled too much, and the book fell away, then the punishment would begin anew. One of the first lessons Mrs. Hanover had taught her was to accept her punishment without complaint. Diana quickly learned to maintain a contrite composure while receiving her discipline.

Mrs. Hanover bared Diana to her waist. “Missy, we both know that’s a lie.”

Diana was baffled as to how she should respond. It was not really a question, thus she could ignore it. But silence would be taken as an admission of guilt. Her bottom would pay a dear price if it was perceived that she had deliberately disobeyed her guardian.

“You knew exactly what you were doing with that boy.”

Diana had not intended to do anything dishonorable with the gamekeeper’s son. But she did adore the attentions of young men, and he was very attentive. She had sneaked up on him in a vain attempt to see his cock. “Madam, I see now how my action was very inappropriate. I am truly very sorry,” Diana said.

Mrs. Hanover picked up the paddle. Diana closed her eyes and steeled her jaw shut. She intended to make no sounds that would entertain the household servants. But the older woman did not swat her butt. Instead, Diana’s eyes flew open when the cold handle of the paddle was thrust between her thighs.

“This is what keeps you in trouble, young lady. This is what you need to learn to control.”

“Madam!” Diana jumped and the book fell to the floor. Instantly trying to pretend that it never happened, she lay back down on the desktop.

Mrs. Hanover ignored the fallen book and held the implement snugly against Diana’s lady bits.

“I know exactly what is wrong with you. You are hot-blooded to experience all that a woman desires. But you will just have to sit on it. In a year, you will be married, and then you can do what you want with this.” Mrs. Hanover used the handle to lightly smack Diana’s privates.

“Ouch!” Diana jumped again, but this time there was no book to dislodge.

The governess picked up the book from the floor and returned it to Diana’s back. “I will discipline you as many times as necessary, until you learn to act like the lady you have been brought up to be.”

Diana heard the familiar whoosh as the paddle sailed through the air.


Rescuing Diana, by Sterling Scott,  is a Steampunk journey of divine love and extraordinary adventure. Diana’s adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making her into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning.

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Masturbation Monday — September 3, 2022

Our self exploring heroine for the week is getting ready for an out-of-this-world adventure. Little does she know, as her fingers seek out her Venus, that she will soon be immersed in the planet of pleasure. This excerpt is from Rescuing Diana


BotticelliSmallThat night, Diana’s mind raced with excitement. Sir Thorsby had been persuaded to agree to his sister’s plan. Herbert and John were indeed accompanying them to London. Diana could not find sleep as visions of London danced in her head. She had not been to the great city for two years. With the memory of John’s kiss on her mind, she used her fingers to caress her lady parts. Recalling the twitch of his cock against her belly pushed her over the edge. The fullness of pleasure finally allowed her to relax into slumber.


RescuingDianaCoverThis Victorian Science Fiction story is reminiscent of those written by my idol, H. G. Wells. See if you can spot his cameo appearance. The book is available from:

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Saturday Spanking — October 1, 2022

As if things weren’t bad enough…

For this Saturday’s spanking lesson, I want to introduce some aliens. You might wonder what it is that the aliens really want when they abduct hapless travelers of the New Mexico desert.  My heroine of The Dead Alien also had such questions. And then she got the answers.

In this segment, she is being trained. But for what?


She was being taught to remain silent, but her desire was to communicate with them. “Take me to your leader,” she said, or something to that effect. They rolled her nude body over and swatted her bottom as though she was a toddler who had taken a cookie without permission. Every time she spoke, they spanked her again, harder. At the time, she didn’t understand that this was a training lesson, but as the lesson progressed – the number of swats on her bare butt, and their intensity, increased with each infraction. The humiliating and painful 13133264_10156830245490043_4200539836005393420_ndisciplinary technique  was a powerful motivator to learn. By the time she finally resolved to stay silent, her fanny was rosy-red and sore. While they apparently could not verbally communicate with her, she eventually got their point – “Shut the hell up!” While they communicated with each other using snaps, clicks, and whistles, the aliens really detested any sound that she made. Once she learned to stay quiet, the punishment for forgetting the lesson, and emitting a vocal sound, was a harsh paddling. For the spankings, they had used the palm of their three-fingered hand. But, for the paddling, they bent her over the table edge and used a flat instrument that could only be described as a paddle. The first few swats were the most painful, and they always made her howl. Then the intensity eased. While the swats still had the sting of a thousand bees, she was able to control her voice. Once she stopped screaming, they would always giver her eighteen more swats, and then stop. This punishment gave her a lasting memory and a bruised butt.



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FREE Fable Friday — September 30, 2022

Kick back and enjoy…

Coffee in bed.

And a FREE short story with some hot sex:

Strawberry Blonde Forever –  Click the link below 



In the Age of Aquarius and Free Love, a young man has his first experience with taboo of social sex. As he waits his turn, he recalls the sexual experiences and broken taboos which brought him to this moment.

A coming of age story about a young man’s dreams and experience with forbidden desires.


“Mark, I’m ready for you,” Diane Waterford said, through the closed bedroom door.

Gently, as if I might be disturbing a sleeping occupant, I turned the knob and opened the door. Having peered through the window, I recognized her room. It was rather small, containing a twin-sized bed, dresser, night stand, and desk.

Diane’s clothes were arranged on the desk chair as if it were wearing them. However, they were in reverse order. The bottom layer was her Oxford shirt draped over the chair back. The top layer was her bra. The shoulder straps were also hooked over the chair back. The gray tweed skirt she had been wearing flowed across the chair seat. Her white tights were on the chair seat, atop the skirt, with the legs cascading down to the floor where her shoes were. Her pink panties were neatly displayed on top.

The presentation implied she was now naked. However, sight alone could not confirm this. She was kneeling on her bed with the sheet drawn up to cover her shoulders. I could see her only from the neck up. For all I knew, she might be wearing pajamas.

“It’s your turn,” she wet her lips, “to get undressed.”

I lost no time in stripping. My cock was already standing at attention, waiting for my command to insert. With each article of clothing I shed, she allowed the sheet covering her to slip lower. When I dropped my shirt, she exposed her breasts. And, they were wonderful breasts. While not quite as large as the real Barbi Benton’s, they would make any woman proud.

As I dropped my underwear, I decided the fully erect cock was an asset in this situation, not something to be concealed. I watched her eyes fixate on the appendage jutting out from my groin. She let go of the sheet and revealed the triangle of curls below her belly. This mat of hair was slightly lighter in color than her blonde hair. It had a pinkish hue; I finally understood the meaning of strawberry blonde.

The curious expression on her face surprised me. The current situation attested to her promiscuity; however, I doubted the rumors about her excessive promiscuity were true. I wondered what favor Jocko had done for her to illicit this invitation from her. Yet, the fact Diane was hosting us was confirmation that she did not have a steady boyfriend.

This was my first experience with social sex. While these parties were still a bit of a taboo, in the Age of Aquarius and Free Love group sex was acceptable and not a reflection of extreme promiscuity. Even backwoods Montana had hippie communes where, as portrayed in the movie Easy Rider, everyone shared everything—everything. At least, those were the rumors. For my generation, this only meant Diane was a popular girl.

I stepped forward, and placed a knee on her bed. Her eyes were fixated on my jutting member. Perhaps my stepfather’s assessment of my woody’s size, and its effect on women, had been correct.

“Your socks too,” she said. “Please.”


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Hump Day — September 28, 2022

Now, these two girls appear to be having a great time.

Which would you like to be: the one on top, or the one on the bottom?

Two for Tuesday – this day was created for the ménage en trios.  I think this is my first scene with more than one woman. This excerpt is from Under Cover With Betty


Nude and erect, I return to the living room.  The girls watch closely as I pick up one of the paddles.  With my other hand I grip Collette’s arm and lead her into the bedroom.

I press Collette over the edge of the bed with her bare butt high in the air and her bare feet spread wide on the floor.  I place the paddle on her back as though this could magically pin her in place.  Going back to the living room I retrieve Betty and position her in the same manner beside Collette.

“You two were very naughty tonight.  That behavior in the bar will not be tolerated.”

With the two girls in the same bent-over position as they had been over the pool table in the bar, I begin to hand spank the line of butt cheeks in the same manner as before.  This time, they are nude and I use strong stinger swats.

13312859_10156900288205043_3364406525631607913_nThey squirm in their bondage and try to squeal unformed words, that I expect are pleas for mercy, through their gags.  I continue to hand spank them until their quivering bottoms have turned to a bright pink.

Then, with the fingers of my left hand I reach between Betty’s thighs and begin to massage the hood encasing her firm clit.  I don’t touch the super sensitive nub directly, but tease it.  With my right hand I give Collette the same treatment.  Her little nub is also stiff.  They press back against my fingers and moan as I stimulate them simultaneously.  I press my two thumbs into the two swollen and sopping wet vaginas. The two girls squeeze my fingers hard with their magical kegel muscles.  With their clits lightly pinched between my index and middle fingers, they begin to hump my thumbs in unison as they finger-fuck themselves.

In harmony their breathing changes becoming rapid shallow breaths – almost panting.  A feedback response is created as each one builds upon the response of the other.  The tone of their muffled moans becomes desperate.  They twist and struggle in their bondage as they climb up toward their climax.  Their warm pussies squeeze hard trying to hold onto my fingers as I pull them away.

“Not yet,” I say and their cries of disappointment are muted by their gags.  “You two have been bad girls and will have to earn your pleasure.”  I continue their spankings until their bottoms have regained a nice pink hue.


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