Obey The Rules

{{an excerpt from Rescuing Diana by Sterling Scott}}


Mrs. Hanover had no qualms about raising the misbehaving young woman’s skirts and paddling her on the bare bottom.

Forcing her diaphragm to move, forcing herself to breathe, Diana gripped the edge of the desk for support as her knees turned to jelly. She waited for the sound that would signal Mrs. Hanover’s arrival.

The drawing room door closed with a dull thud.

Diana closed her eyes and listened to the clacking sound of Mrs. Hanover’s boot heels on the wooden floor.

“Well, once again, you’ve made a fine mess of things,” her governess said.

“Yes, ma’am, I truly am sorry.” Diana knew that no excuse would be listened to and a repentant apology could lessen the intensity of the coming experience. “Madam, the situation developed before I could realize that it was one from which I needed to extricate myself.”

The governess’s response was to lift up the hems of Diana’s skirt and underskirt. Diana felt the cool air as her legs were exposed. When the cool air reached her nether, Diana did as she had done so many times in the past three years; she folded flat over the desk and gripped its far edge with her hands. Mrs. Hanover pressed the skirt cloth over Diana’s back, and then placed a heavy book in the center to hold the material in place.

The book in the center of Diana’s back served two purposes. First, it held the skirt material away from her bare bottom. Second, it was a reminder to Diana to mindfully hold her position. If she wiggled too much, and the book fell away, then the punishment would begin anew. One of the first lessons Mrs. Hanover had taught her was to accept her punishment without complaint. Diana quickly learned to maintain a contrite composure while receiving her discipline.

Mrs. Hanover bared Diana to her waist. “Missy, we both know that’s a lie.”

Diana was baffled as to how she should respond. It was not really a question, thus she could ignore it. But silence would be taken as an admission of guilt. Her bottom would pay a dear price if it was perceived that she had deliberately disobeyed her guardian.

“You knew exactly what you were doing with that boy.”

Diana had not intended to do anything dishonorable with the gamekeeper’s son. But she did adore the attentions of young men, and he was very attentive. She had sneaked up on him in a vain attempt to see his cock. “Madam, I see now how my action was very inappropriate. I am truly very sorry,” Diana said.

Mrs. Hanover picked up the paddle. Diana closed her eyes and steeled her jaw shut. She intended to make no sounds that would entertain the household servants. But the older woman did not swat her butt. Instead, Diana’s eyes flew open when the cold handle of the paddle was thrust between her thighs.

“This is what keeps you in trouble, young lady. This is what you need to learn to control.”

“Madam!” Diana jumped and the book fell to the floor. Instantly trying to pretend that it never happened, she lay back down on the desktop.

Mrs. Hanover ignored the fallen book and held the implement snugly against Diana’s lady bits.

“I know exactly what is wrong with you. You are hot-blooded to experience all that a woman desires. But you will just have to sit on it. In a year, you will be married, and then you can do what you want with this.” Mrs. Hanover used the handle to lightly smack Diana’s privates.

“Ouch!” Diana jumped again, but this time there was no book to dislodge.

The governess picked up the book from the floor and returned it to Diana’s back. “I will discipline you as many times as necessary, until you learn to act like the lady you have been brought up to be.”

Diana heard the familiar whoosh as the paddle sailed through the air.


Rescuing Diana, by Sterling Scott,  is a Steampunk journey of divine love and extraordinary adventure. Diana’s adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making her into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning.

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Saturday Sit-Spank – Sept. 30th

How about a murder mystery? The Disciplined Date is a who-done-it surrounding a fetish dating service. Someone is not only spanking the customers, he is murdering them…


He smiled and removed my right sandal. I lay back on the bed as he held my heel and massaged my toes. He kissed my toes. My pussy oozed, but my thumb again touched the panic button.

“Is this the way you like it?” he softly asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” I sighed.

Sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed, he raised my bound feet to his shoulders. My knees fell open and my dress slid down to reveal my red satin panties. I wondered if the wet spot in the gusset material was visible. He kissed each foot’s arch. Lying on my back moaning, I stretched my arms above my head and twisted my torso from side to side. One of his fingers found my clit through my wet panties.

“Are you going to come?”

“I think so.” I softly sigh.

He stopped. Gripping the cord binding my feet, he pulled the slack taut and lifted my feet high into the air. My dress fell away, exposing my red panty-covered bottom. “Yes Daddy,” he snarled, and lightly slapped the bottoms of my feet. “Say it,” and he spanked my feet again.

“Yes, Daddy,” I quickly said, as my pending climax promptly faded.

Another smack, not painful, just firm. “Again!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

He tugged the backside of my panty’s elastic waistband down just enough to bare my butt, but not enough to expose my sex. I had dropped the panic button and my hand searched for it. He spanked my bare fanny for half a dozen more swats.

“Yes, Daddy,” I responded after each lightly stinging smack.




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