Ut-Oh! A speed trap.

For your quarantine enjoyment, a brand new short story from the pen of Mark S. R. Sterling (well, okay — keyboard).

Mark and Becky were speeding through Louisiana, heading towards a weekend of horse betting and sex. When Mark slows the car in the middle of nowhere, he explains that this is the location of a speed trap. Becky pressures him into revealing the details of the experience.

Mark reveals the humiliating experience.



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Saturday Spanking – April 4, 2020

Here we have a short clip from Stranded With Charlotte. This book reflects my real-life experience stranded in an airport. My fellow passengers and I had too many beers and shared some hair-raising experiences in life, love, and sex.

This clip reflects Karen’s loss of virginity…


With his big, thick hand, he resumes spanking my bare bottom. It does hurt, but I don’t complain. Then, he initiates a strange oscillation with the intensity of the swats. While he still alternates cheeks – one swat each – he is now altering their intensity. First, he gives three stinging smacks. And then, he gives three really painful SMACKS. Then he repeats the pattern.

“What are you doing? Playing some sort of tune on my ass?” I ask.

He chuckles. “No, you were asking for help. This is how you ask for help in Morse Code.”


“You know, SOS – dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot.” He continues the spanking repetitions as he calls out the signs.

Giggling, I scarcely feel the pain of the final three SOS sets. The pulsations so close to my pussy have lit a fire inside me. My clit is now hard, and screaming for attention.

Stop this nonsense and diddle my clit; make me come.

When he finishes my spanking, I start to get up. Once again, his firm hand in the center of my back holds me in place.

“What now?”


Stranded With Charlotte demonstrates that the best path between two points is not always a straight line. The book is available from:


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Free Fable Friday — April 3, 2020

To celebrate, let’s take a deep sea fishing cruise. I’ll provide some entertainment with a FREE short story:

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Sandy is a 21 year old submissive who had been taken on a deep sea fishing trip by her dom. Quickly it becomes irrelevant whether or not the fish are biting because Sandy has caught all of the men. However, she has been very careful not to bite.

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Hump Day — April 1, 2020

Nope, this is not an April Fools joke

In Rescuing Diana, Miss Well’s adventure begins when she is captured by an Egyptian prince who is intent on making Diana into his trophy harem slave girl. After her indoctrination into the erotic arts, Diana’s beloved John Bates arrives to rescue her. However, this is not the end of her ordeal as a slave girl… it is only the beginning. Secretly following her brother – Herbert – and Captain Bates, Diana makes the mistake of boarding her uncle’s Moon Car. Diana’s Uncle George is a professor studying the lost Egyptian science of anti-gravity and levitation. He is planning a trip to the moon. Unknown to the others, Diana stows away and inadvertently joins the voyage. When the get to Mars, Diana is captured, and then…


Toward the end of the second week, Furna delayed Diana as the slave girls were preparing to collect the evening supply of food. “Diana; that is such a strange name. What does it mean?”

She knew that she was named for an ancient Roman goddess, but she could not imagine how to express this to Furna. “It means one who is beautiful and swift—a huntress.”

“Hmm,” Furna mused as she ran her finger along the edge of Diana’s slave collar. “But this is not the first time you have been a slave, is it?”


“I have noticed that you take well to the position. You know how to behave with your betters and follow instructions.”

“Ja, I have been so trained,” Diana admitted.

“However, I sense this is not what you were born to.”

“Nein, I have spent most of my life as a free woman.”

“And, so you shall again—soon.” Furna removed the chain attached to Diana’s collar. The end of the chain had never been fastened to anything to confine her. It served only as a constant reminder of her slave status as she carried it around. “But this stays for now.” Furna hooked her finger in the collar and gave it a light tug. “Karjir will free you when it pleases him.”

While still a slave, Diana was glad to have the chain removed. Without it, she could run much faster when John and Herbert came to rescue her.

“Soon the southern army will be returning,” Furna continued. “They will bring many new slave girls to fill the Alpha’s harem. The older girls here now will be released. Since the Alphas take such great care to ensure that their girls are well trained—trained in both the art of obedience and that of gathering food and maintaining a household—these girls are the most sought after in Kur. The families of Kur will be paying tribute to the Alphas to gain one of these girls for their Beta sons.”

Diana understood that Furna was defining her fate. She was to be married to a Beta—and soon. She swallowed and counted the days of her captivity.

How long do John and Herbert have until something… irreversible happens to me?

“Karjir will find you a fine husband. You will be happy.” Furna expressed a rare smile and left Diana with her thoughts.


Rescuing Diana is a romantic science fiction story. Set in July, 1840, the story offers exciting discoveries and an alternate meaning to ancient mythology; including a different outlook on the inspiration behind the famous Venus in the half shell painting. The book is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, and Blushing Books



Two 4 Tuesday — March 31, 2020

Are you enjoying the self-isolation?

I am, but it does depend on who is quarantined with you.


The image of these delectable two is too strong; I cannot leave so quickly. Indeed, I know what to do. Allow me to relive a scene from Undercover With Betty. While attending a spanking party, poor Amanda is about to learn something about herself:


The second shoe sold in a similar fashion.

It was then time for her socks to go. The left one sold for another fifty dollars, and a young man near Amanda’s age stepped to the stage. Betty again steadied Amanda’s hand as she balanced on her right foot. The man lightly pinched her toes with his thumb on the top of her foot, and his fingers stretched along the bottom. She reflexively curled her toes into his palm. While he touched nothing more than her foot, the invading sensations sent electric sparks along her flesh. Her vagina clenched, and she prayed the wetness pooling in her panties would not show. With his other hand, the man rolled the sock down her ankle and over the heel. With his hand gripping her bare heel, he released her toes. His fingers caressed the sole of her foot as he slid the sock the remaining distance to free it.

Amanda’s pussy tingled. Holy Shit! I have a foot fetish, she thought to herself.

Fortunately for Amanda’s sensibility, the second sock sold with less flourish. Standing on the stage barefoot, she felt as though she was already on display in the nude. Her attention was focused on her excited pussy.


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